Thursday, March 21, 2013

Holly fox Vellekoop Radio Interview

Holly Fox Vellekoop, author of Justice and Revenge, How to Help When Parents Grieve, and STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River, will be doing a radio interview with Rhett Palmer, WAXE 1370 AM/107.9 FM. The interview will be conducted live at the new WAXE studio in Vero Beach, FL at 9:30 AM on Monday, March 25, 2013. The interview topic is "Justice and Revenge in the USA" in which Holly discusses the following:

What justice and revenge really are.
The public perception of the US justice system.
Memorable court cases, some in Florida, in which the public believes justice was not served.
Revenge murders.
How different sub-cultures deal with gaining justice.

Holly's book Justice and Revenge asks the questions:
How far would you go to gain justice for you and your family when a loved one is harmed or murdered and the justice system failed you?
Is it ever ok to take justice into your own hands when you feel you've been cheated of it? Would you break the law to do it?

The novel is a fictional account of victims who suffered at the hands of criminals and the justice system let them down. The books' opening is set in the Indialantic/Palm Bay area where the reader finds a young woman pretending to be a teenager in order to draw a serial murderer into a contrived plot to gain justice for his victims.

In Justice and Revenge, a group is formed and utilized to assist victims. Read through the story to learn how they accomplish gaining justice which was denied them in court.

All of Holly's books can be purchased in softcover or E-book online at: and  or directly from the author at

Holly Fox Vellekoop is a retired clinical instructor in Psychiatric and Mental Health Nursing at Penn State University.

Please go to Holly's webpage for more information about the author -

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