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Outrageous October by Florida novelist Barbara Levenson

Outrageous October by Florida novelist Barbara Levenson Released:Levenson’s latest Miami Murder Mystery Now Available Nationwide

MIAMI, Florida -- Outrageous October, the latest mystery by longtime Miami resident Barbara Levenson, is now available nationwide.

The third novel in Levenson’s critically-acclaimed mystery series featuring plucky Miami lawyer Mary Magruder Katz,Outrageous October is available in both a trade paper edition ($11.99) and an eBook edition.

About Outrageous October:   Outrageous October finds Mary Magruder Katz at a crossroads in both her professional and personal life. When she discovers her sexy Latin boyfriend sneaking away to rendezvous with his ex-, Mary promptly packs up her SUV, along with her trusty canine sidekick Sam, and hits the road.  Destination:  High Pines, Vermont. A change of scenery would do her good—and an offer to stay at a friend’s summer home is too tempting to resist.

But Mary soon discovers that her temporary residence was the scene of an unsolved murder just a year before. Never one to leave well enough alone, Mary starts to investigate the cold case—much to someone’s dismay.

Following a few chilling circumstances that are almost enough to send her packing, Mary meets Dash, an appropriately dashing local attorney who persuades her to do some legal work—and angles for some overtime with her.

Meanwhile, Mary reconnects with her wealthy client Lillian Yarmouth under horrible circumstances. It seems Lillian’s daughter Sherry, a student at Dartmouth, has vanished into thin air and Lillian needs Mary’s help to find her missing daughter. 

And if that weren’t enough, Mary gets a trial-by-fire taste of small-town legal work when a neighbors’ spat turns into all-out warfare. At the root of the battle:  tree removal. It sounds innocuous enough—until the local “tree Nazi” is murdered.
There’s something sinister afoot in this sleepy little town—and amidst the falling leaves and blustery autumn winds of Vermont, Mary Magruder Katz faces an extraordinarily colorful Fall. But if Mary doesn’t watch her step,  this Fall could turn deadly…

An outrageously charming—and supremely suspenseful—new read from Barbara Levenson, a judge-turned-author hailed as “John Grisham in spiked heels,”  Outrageous October is a delectable, delightful, to-die-for tale.

Visit Barbara Levenson online at:

Outrageous October (CreateSpace, ISBN: 978-1480093669, 306 pages, Category: Mystery) is now available nationwide. For more information, please contact Maryglenn McCombs by phone – (615) 297-9875, or by email –

Fifth Annual Brevard Authors' Book Fair

Dear Readers and Writers,
Reminder, the Fifth Annual Brevard Authors’ Book Fair will  be on March 9, 2013 at the Central Brevard Library and Reference Center in Cocoa. This is a happenin’ place for authors to re-energize, hang out, and chill with other writers – not to mention sign and sell books! Please invite all you know to come out, support our local writing talent, and enjoy a day of early shopping. Time to send out those Email blasts is now!

All 40 author spaces have been filled and registration is now closed. If you know of someone who would like to participate, we will continue to accept For Display Only applications for those who want to display their books and business cards, but are unable to attend in person. See the registration form for additional information on this option at
Speaker Presentations
Six multi-published authors will share their experiences and expertise during presentations throughout the day. These workshops are FREE, so  take advantage of these learning opportunities to help you become more successful.
10:00 Joyce Henderson From Print to Digital: An Author's Journey
11:00 Keith Rommel Nurturing A Baby: How Writers Shouldn’t Give Up
12:00 Walter Manning Coping with Change/The Christian Writer
1:00 Patricia Charpentier Writing Your Life Story
2:00 Roger Simmermaker How Consumers Can Create American Jobs
3:00 Stuart Borton Bringing Families Back into the Kitchen

These authors are unable to attend the Book Fair, but will have their books on display. Be sure to stop and take a look at what they have to offer:
Sylvia Cary, LMFT, The Therapist Writer
H. L. Clark, A New Pilgrim Progressing
Greg Ferrett, Selling to the 7 Emotional Buying Styles
Carolyn Howard-Johnson, The Frugal Book Promoter
Lance Johnson, What Foreigners Need to Know About America From A to Z
Guy Kawasaki/Shawn Welch, APE: Author.Publisher.Entrepreneur
Mike Reuther, Write that Darn Book
H. V. Rhodes, The Brain Dead Manager
Peter Sorrells, 100 Ways to Save and Grown Your Money
Susan Tordella, Raising Able: How Chores Empower Families
Jan Yager, Ph.D., Speaking in Public
If you have questions please email
Valerie Allen at Watch for MEMO #2

Wednesday, February 27, 2013


Who would have guessed that there are so many published authors right here in Melrose?

Well on this Friday, March 1, 2013, you will have the opportunity to meet and speak with

5 local authors who have written books and will share their experiences with you on what 
that entails. This event will be held at GALLERY 26 which is on State Road 26 and the

corner of Grove Street from 6 to 9 p.m............Come on out and meet the authors who
will be happy to sign their books if you should decide to purchase one. This is a FREE event.

Authors Attending:

"Doc" Harris, author of Forest People, Sasquatch Revenge & Like Smoke in the Forest.
Jack Owen, author of Palm Beach Scandals.

Jerry Taske,  author of Soul Sword Chronicles
Bob Lee,  author of "Back Country Lawman"
Robert Pate, author from Keystone Heights

Heman "Doc" Harris is a resident of Melrose and familiar to many of you.
Raised in New Brunswick, Canada, and the forests around his home, he was always interested in what else could live there.

Forest People--Sasquash Revenge will lead you through the back country to the hidden mystery that lies within. 


Palm Beach Scandals by Jack Owen

The British author was a journalist in the Palm Beaches for three decades, and had access to stories from characters both Up-Stairs and Down-Stairs. He has meet many of the contemporary subjects written about.
Its a romp through rumours and records which circulated in newsprint and cocktail conversation - to this day. The rich little island was making headlines long before its latest villian - Bernie Madoff - plunged so many into financial depression.  He wasn't the first and, based on these Palm Beach Scandals, is not likely to be the last!
Jack is now a resident of Interlachen.

Soul Sword Chronicles  A four novel fantasy series by Jerry Teske

G.A. ‘Jerry’ Teske was a District Media Specialist for twenty-two years. He grew up near Gainesville in North Florida and currently lives on Dunn’s Creek in southern Putnam County with his wife, Cindy. He has received two awards for short stories in the Al Burt writing contest.

The Soul Sword Chronicles is a four novel fantasy series: The Gnome in the Tapestry, Racing the Moon, Links to the Past, and Moonfall. He also has published a novella: The Last Skunk Ape: Evidence, available as an ebook. For more information, please visit his website at 


Backcountry Lawman by Bob H. Lee
(Available in hardcover and eBook March 12, 2013)

In the underbelly of Florida, hardened poachers operate in the dark, out of sight and away from residents who sleep soundly through the night. But poachers are not the only midnight hunters. In the state’s public wilderness tracts, cattle ranches, and water courses, wildlife thieves are stealthily and silently tracked.
Most people have never imagined the often dicey, comical, and sometimes bizarre job of a Florida game warden. Backcountry Lawman tells what it’s like to catch an armed poacher in the act--alone, at night, without backup or a decent radio to call for help. These stories describe the cat-and-mouse games often played between game wardens and poachers of ducks, turkeys, hogs, deer, gators, and other species. Few people realize that "monkey fishing"--electrocution of catfish--had the same outlaw mystique in the rivers of Florida as moonshining once did in the hills of Georgia and Tennessee.
With thirty years of backcountry patrol experience in Florida, Bob Lee has lived through incidents of legend, including one of the biggest environmental busts in Florida history. His fascinating memoir reveals the danger and the humor in the unsung exploits of game wardens.

Lt. Bob H. Lee (ret.) spent over three decades as a water patrol officer on the St. Johns River and a land patrol lieutenant in Putnam, St. Johns, and Flagler counties. Before retiring in 2007, he taught man-tracking classes through the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

“Amelia’s Gift” Book Signing Event

Author Debra John will be at Rusty’s Seafood & Oyster Bar on Friday, March 1st from 5:00 - 7:00.
628 Glen Cheek Drive
Cape Canaveral, FL

About the Book:
Based on a true story, the book portrays the life of Lisa Marie Anderson and her spiritual journey of personal transformation. When her husband of 20 years turns to alcohol, she receives a spirit-guided message from her mother in Heaven; and her life becomes entangled with ballroom dancing, Caribbean cruising, and Alex—a handsome scientist who can’t seem to find the right wristwatch. The primary setting for the story takes place in Cocoa Beach, FL. Other locations include Baltimore, MD; Marlboro, MA; and several cruise ships in the Caribbean.

About the Author:
Born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Debra makes her home in Cape Canaveral, Florida. After thirty-four year as an executive secretary for the US Government, she is using her writing skills and creativity to fulfill her life-long dream of becoming a published author.  “Amelia’s Gift” is her debut novel and she is currently working on her second.
Debra is a member of the Space Coast Writer’s Guild, Space Coast Authors of Romance, and Romance Writers of America
Additional information (to include book reviews, her latest radio interview, and book trailer) can be found at

Friday, February 22, 2013

Writing with Color Workshop

In the Foosaner Art Museum's first creative writing workshop, students will use the Leslie Wayne: I Am Nature exhibition to gain inspiration towards creating poetry. Professor Carrie Chambers will lead students as they create original works of poetry inspired by the visual stimulus of Wayne's paintings.

The workshop will meet in the museum galleries, located at 1463 Highland Avenue, in the Eau Gallie Arts District. Please arrive a few minutes early and check-in at the front desk.  Students should bring a pad of paper or notebook and writing utensils.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Brevard Authors' Book Fair

Just to let you know there are six spaces still available for the Brevard Authors' Book Fair on March 9, 2013 at the Brevard Library and Reference Center in Cocoa, FL.
If you would prefer to just have your book on display for the day, we have space for that as well.
There are six speakers lined up talk about writing, publishing, marketing, and selling your work. All free! Hope to see you at the Book Fair ~
Full information can be found at or
The Authors For Authors Team
Valerie Allen
Marshall Frank
Holly Fox Vellekoop

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights author Janet Horton

Posted on February 15, 2013 at 10:20 AM EST

Lake City, FL -Everything we do in our life is our choice. How you perceive those choices determines your happiness. If we can’t come to terms with the choices we’ve made, we can’t find peace of mind.

A self-described work in progress, Janet Horton is the author of Me, Myself and I Surviving, a pictorial journey through her remarkable life with descriptions as well as thoughts culled from her journal. First published in 2010, Me, Myself and I Surviving is the result of Horton’s trip around the world, a desperate act of survival.

“I’d gone my whole life up until writing this book believing I’d accomplished nothing,” says Horton. “When I sat down to write this book, I came to terms with all the things I had accomplished and learned I had really come a long way from where I started. For the first time in my life I began to feel confident.”

Raised in a dysfunctional family, by the time Horton was eight years old she was caring for her two baby siblings, keeping a house for six people, cooking meals and doing laundry. Everything a wife or mother normally does fell to Horton.

“I was born an old woman,” recalls Horton. “It wasn’t my burden to bear. I never had a chance to grow up. I never had a chance to learn. I didn’t even know who I was. I had no idea how to properly cope with life and function.”

Tragedy struck in July 1991 when a car accident left Horton severely injured. Wheel-chair bound and destined for a long-term care facility for the rest of her life, Horton rebelled and booked herself an around-the-world plane ticket. That trip provided the foundation for her catharsis. She’d faced death; whatever else life might throw her way had to be easy.

“When I traveled around the world, that’s when I started healing. I kept a daily journal of my frustrations and aggravations, the things that made me happy, made me cry,” says Horton. “You get to go on that trip with me and experience what I went through.”

Close-Up Talk Radio will feature Janet Horton in a four-part interview with Doug Llewelyn on February 18th and February 25th at 2pm EST and with Jim Masters on March 4th and March 11th at 2pm EST.

Listen to the show If you have a question for our guest, call (347) 996-3389.

Janet Horton’s book, Me, Myself & I Surviving, is available for purchase at Fine Images Printing,, 352-222-4118 and

Monday, February 18, 2013

Kitty’s Hive by Ann O’Farrell

About the book.
Humor, tension, pathos, and excitement collide during a chaotic twenty four hours in Kitty O’Connor’s household when her wayward nephew, on the run from the British police, arrives on her doorstep.

 Set in suburban Dublin in1953, Kitty’s Hive weaves together a motley cast of characters including Kitty’s fragile father-in-law, Alphonsus, endearing son, Danny, his bullying sisters, and Kitty’s own irascible father, Sean Lynch. When her husband, Thomas, adds more friction to the mix and the investigating Sergeant Hennessy eyes the family’s maid with more than a professional scrutiny then the mayhem begins and Kitty must deal with it all. 

About the author
 Irish author Ann O’Farrell worked as a theater director, designer, drama therapist, and as a tutor in Trinity College, Dublin, before retiring and moving to her new home in Florida where she began her writing career.
Ann is also the author of the Irish historical trilogy Norah’s Children, and several shorts pieces published in the Chicken Soup series and other publications.

List Price: $15.00 .

6" x 9" (15.24 x 22.86 cm)
Black & White on White paper
266 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1481194211
ISBN-10: 1481194216
BISAC: Fiction / Family Life

e-book:  $2.99  all versions:

For more information, or to contact Ann:

Sunday, February 17, 2013

SpacecoasT Author's of Romance (STAR) Super Saturday

If you haven't registered for the SpacecoasT Author's of Romance (STAR) Super Saturday on the 23rd, do it today!  You won't want to miss this all-day workshop titled "How To Make Your Happy Endings Happier" with our awesome guest speaker, Kathleen Giles Seidel.  Kathy has written fourteen contemporaries, and her books have won most of the major romance-market awards, including two RITAs.  With a Ph.D. in English literature from Johns Hopkins, she is one of the Washington Romance Writers’ resident eggheads.

I won't spoil all the fun by telling you exactly what material Kathy plans to cover, but I've had the privilege of participating in this workshop before...and it's fabulous. Bring notebooks, paper and pen--so you can participate in the interactive portions. Prepare to be Wowed! Kathy's a truly engaging speaker.

We'll kick off the day at the West Melbourne Public Library with a brief business meeting and social time between 9 & 10, then launch into Kathy's presentation. No need to eat before you come. We've arranged for Jason's Deli to supply us with plenty of food for breakfast, lunch and snacks.

As usual, all workshop participants are invited to come along as we take Kathy out to dinner following the workshop. Restaurant TBD, at this point. More details next Saturday at the meeting.

For additional details and our on-line registration form, visit

Friday, February 15, 2013

Editing: Make Your Stories Shine Workshop

March 16, 2013 9:00 am - 4:00 pm

Lake Fairview, Orlando, FL

Good writing requires good editing, and putting pen to paper is just the beginning. It's time to take your writing from promising to polished! 

In this workshop, Patricia Charpentier will guide you through the whole editing process: fleshing out your story, avoiding common mistakes, and using the best tools for the job. Included is a review of free or inexpensive software packages that are easy to use and helpful in editing your work.

The cost for the full-day workshop is $99 and includes lunch. For more information and registration, click here.

Writing the Waves

Love to write? Love to travel? Join us for Writing the Waves as we write and travel aboard the beautiful Royal Caribbean ship, the Freedom of the Seas, on May 12 - 19, 2013. 

To register, click here and print the form here: Writing the Waves. Complete the information at the bottom of the form and send it with your deposit and a copy of the inside of your passport to:

Group Travel Specialists, Inc.
600 N. Thacker Ave - C 10
Kissimmee, Florida 34741

For questions about the writing portion of the cruise, contact me at or 321.279.1791. To talk with someone about the actual cruise, contact Group Travel Specialists at 407.846.0088.

Look who's cruisin' with us!

Norma Beasley
I am a West Virginia native, the great granddaughter of a slave and a Cherokee Indian. Having lost both parents by the age of three, my grandparents raised me. There are no siblings.

After earning an M.F.A. in art from Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, New York, my career transitioned into textbook publishing, then continued into the digital publishing environment.

I'm an avid sports fan (basketball in particular), but also enjoy photography, writing, gardening, and traveling. Currently, I am the interim president of my community HOA, a long time member of the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, and tutor reading to disadvantaged youth in the Orange County school system.

This year I am participating in SAC (School Advisory Council). The primary purpose here to read more about Norma.
*  *  *  *  *  *  *
Featured Port of Call: Labadee, Haiti

Our first stop after a full day of writing at sea on the Writing the Waves cruise is the exclusive island of Labadee, Haiti. Labadee is located on the north sideof Hispaniola and offers pristine beaches, plenty of activities and local flair. 

The warm, clear waters are a perfect match for aquatic activities. You can rent personal watercrafts or snorkeling gear, take a guided kayak or catamaran tour of the bay area, or simply swim from the beach. 

There is also a floating water park which includes inflatable trampolines, water slides and more.

If you prefer to experience here to read more about Labadee.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Poisoned Pen Press invites aspiring mystery novelists to write, win, publish

Poisoned Pen Press Now Accepting Submissions for the Second Annual Discover Mystery Award;
will award a $1000 cash prize and publishing contract to this year’s winner

Scottsdale, Arizona– Poisoned Pen Press is now accepting entries for its second annual Discover Mystery Award. A first book contest specifically for unpublished writers trying to break into the mystery genre, the Discover Mystery Award will include a $1000 cash prize, the Discover Mystery title, and a publishing contract from Poisoned Pen Press.

Writers unpublished within the mystery genre are invited to submit their original mystery fiction manuscripts of between 60,000 and 90,000 words. Entries must be received by 11:59 PM Pacific on March 30, 2013. The Discover Mystery Award will be announced on May 31, 2013.

A $20 entry fee applies for all submissions. For full details, eligibility requirements, and manuscript submission instructions, visit:

Entries submitted for the Discover Mystery Award will be judged by members of the Poisoned Pen Press editorial staff, along with an as-yet-to-be-named celebrity guest judge.

Poisoned Pen Press published Ronald Sharp’s No Regrets, No Remorse, the winner of 2012 Discover Mystery Award, in November.

Jessica Tribble, Publisher at Poisoned Pen Press, stated, “ Poisoned Pen Press is always looking to discover something new, which is why we launched the Discover Mystery Award last year.  We were overwhelmed both by the volume and quality of submissions we received. While the competition was stiff, we were thrilled to publish No Regrets, No Remorse by Ronald Sharp, the winner of the first annual Discover Mystery Award. And now we are looking for the next winner.  We can’t wait to see what we discover.”

In addition to the grand prizes, Poisoned Pen Press will also provide support in publicizing the winning work, and sharing information with prominent booksellers. However, should no entry meet the standards of the editorial team, Poisoned Pen Press reserves the right not to declare a winner, or to offer the cash prize without publication.

Found in 1997, Poisoned Pen Press is an independent publisher specializing in the highest quality mystery books. Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Poisoned Pen Press is one of the largest publishers of hardcover mysteries in the world.  Visit the new Poisoned Pen Press author blog and Discover Mystery™ at:

Members of the news media wishing to request additional information about the Discover Mystery Award or Poisoned Pen Press are asked to contact Maryglenn McCombs by phone – (615) 297-9875, or by email –

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Watercolor Workshop at Ocean Books and Art

If you, or someone you know, ever wanted to learn how to paint in watercolors, here is the event for you!

Harry Thompson and Jill Previti, watercolor artists from Maine, will conduct a watercolor workshop this Sunday (2/10) from 9am to 4pm at Ocean Books & Art. They will show you, regardless of your present level of experience, from none to lots, how to make beautiful watercolor paintings.

Read more about this exciting workshop here:

Call Carole at 386-693-8188 for more details and to sign up. The workshop is limited to 20 people.

Harry and Jill also own two fabulous art galleries in Kennebunkport, Maine. You can see their talent at and

Plus, check out Facebook for the free demo Harry and Jill did for 30 people on January 30th:

This is your best chance to learn from the pros. Only $100 for the entire day! Call 693-8188 today to reserve your space.

 *Ocean Books & Art*
Bookstore & Gallery
Mon-Sat 10 am - 6 pm

Events at Murder on the Beach

Events at Murder on the Beach Bookstore - March 2013
273 NE 2nd Ave, Delray Beach

Friday Mar 1 at 7 pm. PJ Parrish will speak and sign Heart of Ice $7.99
Monday March 11 at 7 pm.  Randy Wayne White will speak and sign Night Moves 26.95.
Wednesday March 13 at 7 pm.  Wendy Corsi Staub will speak and sign Shadowkiller 7.99 and Alison Gaylin will speak and sign     Into the Dark 7.99.
Sunday March 17 at 5 pm.  CJ Box will speak and sign Breaking Point 26.95.
Monday March 18 at 7 pm.  Cara Black will speak and sign Murder Below Montparnasse 26.95
Saturday March 23 at 6 pm.  Owen Laukkanen will speak and sign Criminal Enterprise 26.95
Tuesday March 26 at 7 pm.  Lisa Black will speak and sign Blunt Impact 28.95.

Book Discussion Groups

Tuesday March 12 at 6:30 pm.  The Wednesday Murder Club (this is a date change) will discuss Dirty Blonde by Lisa Scottoline 9.99

Sun March 17 at 3 pm.  The Sunday Sleuths Book Group will discuss Dark Horse by Craig Johnson 12.99


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Brevard Authors' Book Fair

The Fifth Annual Brevard Authors’ Book Fair will take place on March 9, 2013 from 9:30AM to 4:30PM. Hosted at the Central Brevard Library and Reference Center, 308 Forrest Ave., Cocoa, FL 32922, it is open and free to the public. 
The book fair is sponsored by Authors For Authors, Marshall Frank, Holly Fox Vellekoop, and Valerie Allen. Refreshments will be served and more than 40 authors will be available to autograph and discuss their books.
Six multi-published speakers will make presentations throughout the day about writing, publishing, and marketing books. Local authors leading workshops include: Valerie Allen, Writing for Fun and Profit, Joyce Henderson, From Print to Digital: An Author's Journey, Walter Manning, Coping with Change, Patricia Charpentier, Write Your Life Story, Roger Simmermaker, How Consumers Can Create American Jobs, and Stuart Borton, Bringing Families Back into the Kitchen. For more information call: (321) 254-3398.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Of Guilt and Innocence by John Scanlan

The abduction of five-year-old Ashley Wooten from her own front yard rattles everyone in the quiet, upscale community of Boca Raton to their core, but no one more so than the little girl's father, Tom Wooten. As the grieving father and successful businessman becomes desperately entrenched in the stalled investigation into her disappearance, he will be forced to reveal secrets from his past, at the cost of his once comfortable life, in an effort to jumpstart the search to bring her home.

Meanwhile, in a seedy neighborhood in the town of Davie, an elderly murder victim is discovered and linked to the long-dormant South Florida Strangler. As clues breathe new life into the dwindling task force responsible for hunting the serial killer, a suspect finally comes into focus. As the task force zeroes in, the detectives searching for Ashley Wooten unearth clues of their own, bringing the same suspect into their purview. With both investigative teams certain the same man could not be responsible for all these crimes, yet neither willing to budge, it becomes a frantic race to discover which theory, if any, is correct before Ashley or another victim runs out of time.

John Scanlan is a police officer on the picturesque island of Palm Beach in South Eastern Florida. After moving south from the small, Western New York village of Le Roy in 2005, he subsequently fell in love with South Florida's tropical beauty and laid back lifestyle, which is the backdrop for his first novel, Of Guilt and Innocence.

A graduate of Brockport College, John's previous endeavors include training with the United States Border Patrol in Charleston, South Carolina, and working as a legal aid for the former Immigration and Naturalization Service in Buffalo, New York. He currently resides in Palm Beach County, Florida, with his wife and two small daughters.

Of Guilt and Innocence
Authored by John Scanlan
List Price: $16.95
5.5" x 8.5" (13.97 x 21.59 cm)
Black & White on White paper
200 pages
Sunbury Press, Inc.
ISBN-13: 978-1620061787
ISBN-10: 1620061783
BISAC: Fiction / Mystery & Detective / Police Procedural

For more information, please see:

Also available on Kindle and Nook


Monday, February 4, 2013

So You Want to Write A Book with Marshall Frank

Because the first was such a big turnout, Marshall Frank is holding another seminar for beginning authors, "So You Want To Write A Book."  This three-hour class will be for wannabe authors of fiction, non-fiction and memoirs, and will cover many aspects new authors need to know about the rules of writing books; composition, plot and character development, manuscript preparation, editors, getting published and the marketing basics.  Cost is $30.

Date:  Saturday, March 30th, 2013, at the Hampton Inn at Viera.  Advanced registrations are important, go to and click on link to "seminar registration."
Marshall Frank is a retired police captain and the author of twelve books. Any questions, call 321-254-3398.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Marshall Frank wins the Don Argo Award for Fiction

Congratulations to Marshall Frank for winning the Don Argo Award for Fiction for his novel The Upside of Murder.

Marshall wrote a wonderful post about the award and his friendship with Don Argo. Please drop by and read it at