Saturday, January 26, 2013

Memories of Kee Briggs

The Florida book world lost a great author and friend on January 20, 2013. Kee Briggs of Satellite Beach passed away.

Kee spent his life creating pieces (art and books) for others to enjoy. Even illness in the last couple of years did not slow him down. I often called him Captain Prolific. It seemed that he had such an inquisitive mind that he couldn't help but turn the many interesting events of his life into stories. And he was never at a loss for a creative idea to pass along.

Kee wrote science fiction, thrillers, mysteries and young adult novels. My favorites were the mysteries where the hero was an artist.  I saw a lot of Kee in those novels. And he often showed his wonderful memory for the places he lived by using many details from those locations as the backdrops for his stories. He was a longtime member of the Space Coast Writers' Guild and served for several years on their board.

Kee was also a great artist. I guess he was best known for his sculpture, but his paintings are beautiful as well.  He also taught others and passed along many interesting stories of his years in Mexico.

The book and art worlds of Brevard County and of Florida and beyond will miss him, but we know that his creations will live on and bring others much enjoyment.

I hope you knew him. I did and he will be greatly missed by many.


Anonymous said...

I did not know that Kee had passed away.
I knew him for many years and have such respect for him and all of his creative endeavers.
I bought one of his books for my grandson.
He was so brave to "keep on keeping on" while so ill.
I am one of the many who will miss him.
Kay Williamson

Palm Tree Toni said...

Kee didn't just talk with us, he created a conversation.
Kee didn't just clean house, he created space to do his art.
Kee didn't just cook a meal, he created a dining event.
Kee didn't just paint a picture, he created a tale on canvas.
Kee didn't just sculpt a figure, he created a whole persona.
Kee didn't just make the covers for his books, he created a story on the outside.
Kee didn't just leave this life, he left a void in ours.
We miss you. Mike and Toni Sweeney