Monday, December 31, 2012

Writing the Radical Other -- Learn and Write with Mike Rands

On Saturday, January 26, The Jack Kerouac Writers-in-Residence Project of Orlando partners with MAD about Words to offer you the opportunity to learn from and write with Mike Rands the current writer-in-residence at Kerouac House.

Writing the Radical Other

Learn and write with Mike Rands at Kerouac House
Write what you know. This is often the first piece of advice
given to writers. But what about writing what you don’t know? Or more
specifically, how do you get inside the mind of a character who, for
whatever reason, seems radically different to you? We’ll discuss
different ways of taking on this challenge and look at the risks and
opportunities that writing the ‘radical other’ involves.

Michael Rands was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. He received his MA from the University of Cape Town. His manuscript, a novel, Praise Routine Number Four
was published by Human and Rousseau Publishers. He worked in the
television industry as a writer and director before moving to Japan
where he taught in a high school for three years.

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