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The Peppertree Press Announces the Upcoming Release of The Boogie Trapp by Florida novelist Kerry Copeland Smith

An intense and inventive thriller about secrets, justice, and redemption,
The Boogie Trapp will be available nationwide on January 29, 2013

SARASOTA, Florida – The Peppertree Press announces the upcoming release of The Boogie Trapp by Kerry Copeland Smith. The Boogie Trapp (ISBN: 978-1-61493-112-6, Hardcover, 358 pages, $29.95) will be available wherever fine books are sold on January 29, 2013. The Boogie Trapp will also be available in an eBook edition ($4.99).

The debut novel by Kerry Copeland Smith, The Boogie Trapp is a shocking, suspenseful, and all-too-real thriller about secrets, and what happens when those dark and hidden recesses of the past must finally be brought to light.

The Boogie Trapp is the story of two young boys—Charles Edward “Trapper” Trapp and the aptly-nicknamed, born-under-a-bad-sign Boogie Smith, the novel’s narrator—and that day, decades ago, when time almost stopped for the boys.

When the novel opens, it’s over a half century later and time finally has stopped—at least for one. Protagonist and narrator Smith, now 72, recounts the day he receives word that his old friend Trapper has passed away. But there is more—far more—than simply grieving the loss of his friend. Weeks later, just as he knew he would, Smith receives a letter from Trapper reminding him to complete what Trapper calls “the last and most important mission” of his life.

Completing that mission means rewinding to April 1949 in Black Creek, Alabama, a small coal mining town just north of Birmingham.  Like most of the mining towns of its day, Black Creek has long since vanished, but a dark memory remains.  And what follows is the story of that day, April 9, 1949. The day when everything changed.

Friends since the age of five, inseparable since the age of 12, Boogie and Trapper, now 13, had a friendship that went deeper than most, probably because the two were so much alike.  Not only did the two look alike and have similar interests, but both boys felt superior to everyone, including each other. Egotistical, overbearing, crude in the way that only 13-year-old boys can be, Boogie and Trapper argued and fought with each other constantly. But they were friends---friends who deep down may not have even liked each other. Even still, life was good for the two. But bad things, as anyone knows, can happen when least expected…

On that day—a day that would be painful to remember, impossible to forget--one choice sets into motion an unspeakable chain of events. A predator. Two unsuspecting kids.  An unconscionable and shameful act of brutality, violence, and rage.  A choice.

In the end, two men are dead. And two lives—at least two lives— will never be the same.

A page-turning thriller about secrets, promises, justice, and redemption, The Boogie Trapp is a chilling story about the choices made in those moments where life hangs in the balance.  A gripping and agonizingly-real story, The Boogie Trapp will leave readers wondering where—or maybe if—the lines between fact and fiction blur within the pages of this extraordinary novel.

A tough, uncompromising, often graphic story, The Boogie Trapp is a tense, ominous thriller that stays true to a time long past.  Novelist Kerry Copeland Smith delivers a pitch-perfect tale that alternates seamlessly between past and present, and captures the angst, spirit , and voice of 13 year olds caught somewhere between being boys and men.  A mesmerizing and chilling debut, The Boogie Trapp will grab readers on the first page and not let go. 

Actor and producer Bill Knopke calls The Boogie Trapp “Brilliant, gripping, a must read. Tom Sawyer and Huck Finn meet Deliverance…. old-time American justice at its best.”

Kerry Copeland Smith is an Alabama native who calls Florida his home. The Boogie Trapp is his first novel. The Peppertree Press is an independent book publisher headquartered in Florida.  Members of the news media wishing to request additional information about Kerry Copeland Smith or an advance review copy of The Boogie Trapp are asked to contact Maryglenn McCombs by phone:  (615) 297-9875, or by email:

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