Tuesday, December 4, 2012

B. James Wilson Announces the Release of "Kingdom of Light"

    Just in time for Christmas, B. James Wilson's latest novel, Kingdom of Light has been released in digital format by Smashwords.com for all e-readers. It is available for download now from Smashwords.com, Apple's iBook Store, Barnes & Noble, Amazon and many other e-book distributers. (Soon to be available in printed form.) Don't miss this amazing story of heroism being called "the back-story to Genesis in the Bible".

    Kingdom of Light is the tale of a demon's dark past as told to Mike Brennan, a NYC fireman who has entered the basement of a burning building to rescue an abandoned child in the predawn hours of 9/11. In that burning basement, Mike confronts a demon who has long been chained in a dark, dungeon oubliette. He is the prisoner of an ancient war that has raged unseen for millennia. Now, Mike's sudden appearance presents the demon with an opportunity for escape. In the course of their encounter, Mike will be forced to face his own dark past. He will be compelled to choose what sacrifice he is willing to make in order to save his own life, or the life of an unwanted child. In the midst of chaos, ancient war and the rush of time, Mike Brennan will be forced  decide who will live and who will die.

About the Author:

    B. James Wilson is the author of a wide variety of fiction. He is an artist, a teacher and student of the Bible, a lover of literature, music, sailing and the outdoors. He grew up in Miami where he spent his summers boating and fishing on Biscayne Bay. His family moved to Florida's Space Coast to become a part of the "race to the moon". There, he graduated from Satellite High School. He has studied at Brevard Community College in Melbourne, the University of Florida, and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary. He has traveled extensively and served proudly with the U.S. Navy in Viet Nam. Mr. Wilson now lives with his wife and family in Melbourne, Florida, where he spends his time writing, working and worshiping with friends, all with a thankful heart.

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