Sunday, November 18, 2012

Two New books from the Yellow Dog Cafe

Stuart Bortonʼs new book Old Dog New Chefs is the perfect way to bring the family back into the kitchen. Stuartʼs book starts you with the basics and does not stray too far from there. After years of volunteer teaching 6th to 8th grade studentsʼ cooking classes, he learned first hand what those new to the kitchen wanted to learn about cooking.

Old Dog New Chefs is a great starter book with just enough detail to easily follow the recipe without going into so much detail that it prevents creativity. This easy to follow 162-page book has lots of pictures and illustrations, and is sure to be one of your favorite cookbooks for years to come. This is Stuartʼs 2nd cookbook following the success of his first book, Yellow Dog Cafe Cookbook,” in
2010. The book signing and launch date is set for November 27, 2012 at Yellow Dog Cafe in Malabar, FL. The book will be available at the Cafe or online at

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