Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Book News from Walter Manning

Kingdom Living, Volume 3, Seeking the Truth

The intended purpose for this series is to assist the reader in establishing a deeper relationship of intimacy with God. It is the author’s sincere hope that this goal will be met. A typical chapter is three to four pages, thereby enabling the average person to consume its contents in about five minutes. Although each chapter is self-contained, the reader will experience a smooth transition from one to the next.

Volume 3 of the Kingdom Living series continues to develop the basic theme: How can we live in the Kingdom of God while living amidst the kingdoms of men? As with previous volumes, “Seeking the Truth” introduces biblical truths and principles for daily living by highlighting Scripture verses that support guidelines for living a holy life in and unholy world. Verses used are mined for both obvious and hidden truths in support of the overall theme.

Spiritual Snack Food, Volumes 2 & 3

This series is specifically geared for people who have a thirst for biblical truth, but are pressed for time. Each vignette is self-contained, is one page long, and should take the average reader approximately one minute to read. The goal of the series is to reorient the way we think about life by looking at it through the lens of the Bible. To accomplish this, the author introduces profound statements, some by famous people, some not. The size of the book is such that it will fit into a woman’s purse, or a man’s coat pocket.

Whereas volume 2, subtitled “Crunchies,” introduces numerous concepts that have deep spiritual significance, volume 3, subtitled “Chewies,” reaches back in time in order to thread the past to the future by using wisdom from those who’ve gone before us. Why? The answer: Wisdom and truth are not limited by time.

About the Author

Walt Manning retired as a senior manager, spending his entire career in the high-tech industry. Having earned a BS and MS in Electrical Engineering from the University of Houston, his experience includes design engineering, sales, marketing, and program management. The Manning’s were married in June 1966. They have two children, both of whom graduated from college and are pursuing their chosen careers.

Walt was first published in 1995. Other recent books include: Coping with Change and Facing Unemployment, both of which were published by Treble Heart Books, Sierra Vista, AZ.

Books can be acquired from any bookstore, may be ordered direct from the publisher via, or from They may also be purchased by contacting Walt Manning at

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