Monday, October 15, 2012

The Bishop's Curse by Raff Ellis

Prolix Press Announces
Release Of
The Bishop's Curse
Prolix Press is proud to announce the release of The Bishop's Curse, a riveting historical novel based on the true story of a long-ago church scandal in the small village of Carthage, New York.
The struggle resulted from a disagreement the Irish immigrant parishioners of St. James Church had with their doctrinaire bishop and his mercenary priest. Newfound American ideals of independence collided violently with the Church's Old World values causing threats of "calamities" to come and the loss of the dissidents' immortal souls.
The Bishop's Curse takes hold of the lives of the characters as they experience premature death, censure, natural disasters and financial ruin.
What One Reviewer Had To Say -
“You have brought this factual event to full life in a thoroughly engaging way. Your careful historical research left me as a reader feeling completely secure by your sure-handed telling. I just straight-out enjoyed the story and was held to the last page to see how it would work out. Overall, I loved it. Congratulations, and thank you for sharing it with me.”
Dr. Rodger Van Allen
Professor of Religious Studies
Villanova University
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