Friday, October 12, 2012

Objectivist Environmental Manifesto by John C. Emery, Sr.

OEM (Objectivist Environmental Manifesto) is intended to be a start to discussing how the philosophy of Objectivism intersects with environmental causes. It is handsomely illustrated with the author’s own artwork.  The book is available on-line for the Kindle ($2.95). To purchase, go to
John C Emery, Sr. is noted as the principle designer and marketer for PRESTON STUDIOS, an internationally known stained glass studio.  Commissioned works by the studio can be seen from Nova Scotia to Denmark and Scotland, to Tortola (BVI), to Ames, Iowa.  The majority of work by the studio can be seen in central Florida, however, especially on the Space Coast of Florida.  An entrance will be seen in the 2012 Fall Parade of Homes Nov 3-11th his year in Viera.  John received is BA in History from Rollins College 1974, and traveled extensively throughout Europe at the time using his father’s Pan American pass.  Since then his travels have included Egypt, India, and China.
  John C Emery Sr

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