Tuesday, October 30, 2012

So You Want To Write A Book by Marshall Frank

Announcing Marshall Frank's new release So You Want To Write A Book. (129 pages)

A simple guidebook for beginning authors interested in writing their memoirs, a first novel, or non-fiction book, without complicated lessons on English composition and literature. 
For the average writer, this book spells out in easy terms, the process needed to construct a novel, or any other book form, for those who have hesitated or lacked confidence in getting started. It emphasizes common mistakes and all the dos and don'ts and lots of simple advice. Easy-to-read chapters for the basics in getting a book started, written and completed, then the process for landing agents and getting published.

For those who don't already know, I am a  retired police captain/homicide detective from Miami-Dade P.D., now an author of twelve books, including six crime novels. To order a signed copy of So You want To Write A Book visit  http://www.marshallfrank.com/WriteBook.html  (Book is $12 plus $3 shipping)  Available in Kindle in another week or two.

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Florida Sciene Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Convention

Florida's Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Convention is going on now (from October 26-28, 2012).  It is at the Hilton Bayfront in St Petersburg, Florida. The Guest of Honor this year is Linnea Sinclair who writes science fiction and romance. 

For more information about the event, go to http://www.stonehill.org/necro.htm


FWA is a statewide nonprofit trade association with over 1,100 members. The awards were announced at the awards ceremony at FWA’s recent three-day annual conference in Orlando, Florida. The conference attracted more than 300 member-attendees and offered a mix of workshops and opportunities to network with a faculty of agents, acquisition editors, publishers, and industry professionals from across the United States.
The winner of Published Book of the Year is:
“Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes” by Will G. Merrill Jr. in the History genre.
Unpublished book of the year is:
“The Cold Season” by William C. Walker  in the Romance genre.
This competition was RPLA’s eleventh, and to date it is the largest. Some 319 entries were submitted for the categories of writing, including book-length nonfiction, short nonfiction, poetry, book-length fiction and short fiction. Awards were given separately for published and unpublished works.
“RPLA is special.” said Chrissy Jackson, FWA’s president. “Like all writing competitions, it recognizes excellence, but this competition also provides comprehensive, constructive feedback to all entrants. I don’t know of any other competition that guarantees that at least two judges will read and thoroughly comment on all entries.”
This year, RPLA had 55 active judges. The judges are current or retired teachers, librarians, professional editors, college professors, published authors, former RPLA winners, journalists, and leaders of writing and reading groups. A good percentage have advanced degrees. Most are Floridians, but others hail from Connecticut, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Hampshire, and New York. All entries were blind.
“The judging was first-rate,” said Jim Thompson, RPLA’s 2012 chairperson. “Collectively, the judges donated thousands of hours of time to this competition, and because they’re anonymous, they got absolutely no public recognition for it. They truly live the FWA motto, ‘Writers Helping Writers’.”
The Florida Writers Association, over 1,100 members strong and growing, is a nonprofit 501(c)(6) organization that supports the state’s established and emerging writers. Membership is open to the public, and membership forms are posted on FWA’s website, www.floridawriters.net.
The Royal Palm Literary Awards competition is a service of the Florida Writers Association established to recognize excellence in members’ published and unpublished works while providing blind, objective, and constructive written assessments for all entrants.
For additional information about FWA, visit the FWA website: www.floridawriters.net.
Attached is a full list of winners.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

2012 Royal Palm Literary Awards

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 Royal Palm Literary Awards. They are: 

Published Book of the Year
Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes by Will G. Merrill Jr. (History)
During the First Battle in the War against Terror, ordinary New Yorkers became extraordinary heroes.
Will G. Merrill Jr. graduated from West Point in 1958.  He served 31 years in the Army, including in Germany, Vietnam, Korea and Greece. In writing this book he interviewed sixty firefighters, police officers and civilians directly involved with 9/11.
 Unpublished Book of the Year
The Cold Season by William C. Walker (Romance)

             A woman's journey of discovery and redemption.

William C. Walker started his writing career as a columnist for a regional newspaper. During a thirty-five year span as a military pilot and commercial airline captain he began writing short stories and novels. He lives on Florida's Treasure Coast with his wife and a fluff dog that likes him.

The Dahris Clair Memorial Award
Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad (Screen Play)
Patricia is abducted by mistake. Lost in space, she must use every ounce of her humanity to find the way home.
 Originally born in Sweden, Maria moved to Florida late 2008. Today, she lives in the Tampa Bay area with her husband Mike and three rescue dogs. She is most known for writing science fiction romance, but also produces romantic thrillers.


Book-Length Fiction
Historical Fiction (Published)
First Place
The French Teacher by William C. Walker. An American woman in war-torn France.

Historical Fiction (Unpublished)
First Place
The Lantern by Joanne Lewis. A Renaissance mystery, takes the reader along two continents and over five hundred years as a 21st century American woman searches to learn the truth about the 15th century mysterious Italian girl who dared to compete with the most famous artists of the Renaissance..

Second Place
Nisei by John J. White. A few months before his death in 1953, Hideo “Bobby” Takahashi, dictates his memoir to his lovely companion.

In the Hands of the Wolf by Raymond Gustavson. Set in Clarksville, TN, and Washington, DC, this historical novel covers the highly traumatic period February through May 1865.

Humor / Satire [Fiction] (Unpublished)
First Place
Never Bet Your Future on a Guy Called Weasel by Ann Meier. A young woman returns to her hometown to settle an estate, but finds her attorney murdered and lying on a yearbook picture of her best friend.

Mainstream (Unpublished)
First Place
The Bully Route Home by D. L. Havlin. The struggles of a young boy to avoid the bullying of a dominant antagonist, sets off a chain of events culminating in explosive racial tension in the rural South of the 40’s…and teaches him the value of every human being.

Second Place
Andrew Comes Home by Philip L. Levin. A family shattered is by the death of the teenage daughter.  The father and son move from Chicago to the Mississippi coast seeking healing while adjusting to the Southern culture shock.

‘Nam World by Jeff Boyle. The story of a theme park and the real and imaginary world of a Vietnam veteran struggling against demons to follow his heart.

Mystery (Published)
First Place
The Gift by Bruce H. Kubec. After his own computer system is hacked, a businessman uncovers an embezzlement scheme targeting the nation’s largest banks. Is it acceptable to do bad for a good reason?

Mystery (Unpublished)
First Place
The Edge of Normal by Carla Norton. She made headlines when she was kidnapped at 12 and again when she was rescued at 16, but now Reeve LeClaire guards her privacy and lives alone, a damaged young woman of 22 who has a new job, a new name, and an excellent psychiatrist.

Second Place
Deadly Sacrifices by Bridges DelPonte. When a soccer mom is brutally murdered in a suburban Boston church, new homicide prosecutor Marguerite “Monty” Montez risks her career and her life trying to prove that police nabbed the wrong man.

Judas Kisses by Laurie Solheim. Someone intends to make Beth Stanton’s life miserable when Wall Street greed breeds revenge.

Romance (Unpublished)
First Place
The Cold Season by William C. Walker. A woman's journey of discovery and redemption.

Science Fiction (Unpublished)
First Place
Stone Perfect by Chris Coward. With the help of two small stones, an emotionally battered wife finds the “easy” way to the life—and love—of her dreams.

Thriller / Suspense (Published)
First Place
Tiger Paw by Charles A. Cornell. FBI agent Scott Forrester must make a deal with the Devil to thwart the plans of a demonic East Indian cult as it unleashes an elusive assassin to dismantle a corrupt Wall Street empire, one body at a time.

Second Place
The Hitman’s Lover by Richard Newell Smith. After his Aunt Maude guns down a policeman, Jack Scully finds himself up against crooked cops and a crime boss – but nothing as beguiling and dangerous as Angela D’Annunzio.

Thriller / Suspense (Unpublished)
First Place
Place of Fear by Ken Pelham. Deep in the rainforest, a prisoner languishes in a lightless cell, the clock ticking toward his execution. His friends mount a desperate rescue, but will it be too late?

Second Place
Francis’ Flowers by D. L. Havlin. A rural Georgia community braces for the suspected arrival of a serial killer unaware a more sinister danger already lives among them.

Grind His Bones by Richard Newell Smith. For Jack Scully, pit bulls and sociopaths aren’t half as noxious as his cousin Hughie. Now he’s risking his life to save Hughie from being framed for a double murder.

Juvenile Fiction
Children’s Picture Books (Published)
First Place
The King of Fish by Darrell House. Young Ray dreams of fishing.  In this catch & release story, told in verse, our wheelchair bound hero comes face to face with the King of Fish; displaying the wisdom and strength found in the heart of a child.

 Children’s Picture Books (Unpublished)
First Place
Suki Saluki: Horse Farm Hero by M. R. Street. Suki is a Saluki dog living on a racehorse training farm.  Although she has a very important job – taking care of three orphan kittens – she wants a bigger job. 

Second Place
Rectangle Jangle by Gayle Swift. Poetry and geometry pair in an unusual picture book from the “Shape of Discovery” series. “Rectangles are sturdy, reliable shapes.

Dragonella’s Striped Umbrella at the Playground by Gayle Swift. In the midst of an unexpected playground storm, Dragonella and Jollyette share a sheltered spot. They trade the loneliness of one to forge a friendship that blooms like a garden in the sun.

Chapter Book (Published)
First Place
Hildy by Millie Richmond A nine-year-old girl is losing her hearing but she doesn’t tell anyone. The longer she keeps this secret, the more problems she encounters.

Middle-Grade Fiction (Unpublished)
First Place
Rise and Shine Rosie by Mary Kay Pyles. Deanna Rose "Rosie" Blakely, a determined, courageous eleven-year old, struggles to provide food, clothing, supervision, and stability for her brothers and sister during their drug-addicted mother's frequent absences.

Young Adult (Unpublished)
First Place
The Rules of Lying by Linda Kelley. Dark passages sparked with humor draw the reader into Peter Whistler’s world where a little luck, a knack for lying, and a dash of Cajun crazy can steer even an ordinary orphan to an extraordinary life.

Second Place
Shedim: The Secret of Gems by K. M. Smith. Life heats up on Annabel Island for twin sisters Ruby and Pearl Pryce as they discover a long-hidden relative, powerful family secrets, and, possibly, their hearts’ desires.

An Angel Torched My Homework and Other Lie by Carol Sipes. Sixteen-year-old Carrie loves attending the nation’s first high school to admit angels, zombies, werewolves, and vampires—until a mysterious attack makes her question whether they’re as harmless as she believes

Screenplay (Unpublished)
First Place
Kidnapped by Maria Hammarblad. Patricia is abducted by mistake. Lost in space, she must use every ounce of her humanity to find the way home

Short Fiction
Flash Fiction (Published)
First Place
Distorted Reflections by Amber Garr. A young girls’ struggle with self-image is captured in her reflection.

Second Place
100 Needles by Paige L. Scott. The elders of a fishing village fashion their life stories into a quilt...and lose a little bit of themselves in the process.

A Leap of Faith by Amber Garr. A young girl misjudges the extent of her boyfriend’s commitment to forever.

Flash Fiction (Unpublished)
First Place
Dial Tone by Gayle Swift. A divorce hearing derails when the spouse is a “no show.” When his daughter telephones, his threat of violence is punctuated by the ominous drone of a dial tone.

Second Place
One Last Time by Jan Evans. A P-38 pilot is saved by a mysterious woman. Or maybe it was only a dream.

 An Accidental Death by Phyllis Smallman. A P-38 pilot is saved by a mysterious woman. Or maybe it was only a dream.

Short Story (Published)
First Place
Jesus or Juju by Roger Poppen. Sometimes, miracles do happen.

Second Place
Jack Daniels And Tea by Phyllis Smallman. One night in a bar things get out of control for bartender Sherri Travis and she finds when there's money at stake no one can be trusted.

T-Patrol by Mary Lois Sanders. If Mel jumps," her brother Dave says, "it's a tarantula." So true. So why does she join the Patrol in her neighborhood? To belong? Okay, but mostly to challenge her fear! But does she really want to poke a tarantula hole with a broom straw?

Short Story (Unpublished)
First Place
A Flutter of Wings by Victor DiGenti. Life seems terribly unfair to a boy of seven after his mother leaves. But little things —like a simple feather — can lead to understanding and redemption.

Second Place
A Shadow the Length of a Lifetime by John J. White. A nine-year-old boy learns a harsh lesson about life while adjusting to a new home, a new school, and new friends.

Rosabelle, Believe by Mark McWaters. Eric White has been a "magic man" his entire life; from magic shows he staged as a kid through his mega productions the world sees today. His ultimate illusion brings the ultimate magic man, Harry Houdini, back from the grave – or does it?

Novella (Unpublished)
First Place
Restoration by Laura Pelner McCarthy. Against the backdrop of the 1980 Mariel boatlift and the rebirth of Miami Beach’s Art Deco District, a gentle, diffident Midwestern architect and a free-spirited Miami radio host engage in a correspondence of increasing intimacy and growing self-knowledge.

Second Place
Solitary by Bradette Michel. Long-time criminal offender Jack Henderson gets a second chance when he is unexpectedly released from prison. Ruthie, his six-year old niece, helps him find the redemption that has always eluded him.

Book-Length Nonfiction
Autobiography / Memoir (Published)
First Place
Life in the Land of IS by Bette Lee Crosby. In this amazing memoir, Lani Deauville, the world’s longest living quadriplegic proves that the worst handicap you can have is a lack of belief in yourself.

Second Place
Baseball’s Finest Moments by Jack L. Hayes. He didn’t even remotely know anyone connected with major league baseball. Yet this fourteen-year-old had a dream and on Opening Day, 1953, that dream transformed into an almost unbelievable story as he trotted onto the baseball field wearing the batboy uniform of the world-champion New York Yankees.

Autobiography / Memoir (Unpublished)
First Place
Hardship Post by Robert J. Taylor. With terrorism on the rise and his marriage on the ropes, an American moves to Pakistan to work for the Aga Khan.

Educational / Informational (Published)
First Place
You Have to Say the Words by Kathy Ryan. This step-by-step guide for managers and HR professionals is packed with easy to implement tools, practical advice and real-world stories to help you provide impactful performance feedback and take the fear out of tough conversations.

History (Published)
First Place
Ordinary People: Extraordinary Heroes by Will G. Merrill Jr. During the First Battle in the War against Terror, ordinary New Yorkers became extraordinary heroes.

Short Nonfiction
Creative Nonfiction (Unpublished)
First Place
Palladium Nights by Beda Kantarjian. For over thirty years an elderly friend repeatedly requested the author write her haunting past love story. On reading it, with tears in her eyes, the friend said, “It’s perfect.”

Second Place
To the Top by Joan Levy. A father takes his family to the Empire state building to fulfill a promise requested on a postcard. But odd circumstances and the determination of three year-old child seem to derail the promise and visit.

Snowball by Joan Levy. A first grader steals a doll from her classroom dollhouse. Decades later she discovers why.

Essay (Unpublished)
First Place
Quibbles 'n Bits by Barbara Samuels. This author believes there should be distinct names for people and pets. Join the movement to stop calling our dogs, Bill and our children, Fifi.

Second Place
Arguing with E.B.B. by Judy Weber. The writer's nostalgic look back on years past is far different in perspective than that of Elizabeth Barrett Browning.

Poetry (Unpublished)
First Place
Change by Robin Thomas. Some call it fear of settling down; some call it wanderlust; some call it exciting.  I call it a way of life.

Second Place
Petal Fists by Donna S. Fernandez. The poem is from a collection of poems and essays on the marvels and mysteries of South Florida’s natural world observed from the poet’s canal-backed home.

Greedy by Maxie Steer. A child who, upon overhearing arguments, learns hurtful words and adds them to his vocabulary but soon realizes his limited understanding and shame in eavesdropping.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Meet the Authors' Book Fair Update

Hello Readers & Writers, 
Good news and bad news about the Meet the Authors' Book Fair. November 17 & 18, 2012 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM; Eau Gallie Civic Center, Melbourne FL 
Good news: registration for Saturday author tables is closed! (Aren't you glad you registered early?)
Bad news: registration for Saturday author tables is closed! (They have started a waiting list.)  

There are no author spaces available for Saturday. There is still hope, however, they have started a waiting list. Complete the registration form and pay the fee. First come, first served. If no one cancels, they will return your fee in full.
Second chance - Sunday still has five spaces available. If interested, complete form and mail in fee ASAP - these are going fast. First come, first served. If these spaces fill up, they will return you fee in full. 

Another opportunity - Display Books Only...If you are unable to attend in person or all spaces are full, you can have your book and materials on display. There are no sales involved, but exposure is gaurenteed. 
You can have your book returned if you enclose a SASE.
Cost is only $5.00 per book per day.
Find information and registration form for all options go to:
Please come the book fair and support local authors, do some networking, and stir up your muse!
~ Valerie Allen ~
VAllenWriter@cs.com                                          ValerieAllenWriter.com

Sunday, October 21, 2012

DaVinci-Picasso Dialogue: Two Art Geniuses Clash in the Heavens

The Art Gallery of Viera will host a Champagne Book Signing for the newly released book “Da Vinci-Picasso Dialogue-Two Art Geniuses Clash in The Heavens” on Sunday, November 18, 2012 from 2-4 pm.  This is Mr. Lebrón’s first foray into fiction about the imagined interactions of two of the world’s most renowned artists.  His novel is also illustrated with Mr. Lebrón’s own witty and intriguing art work.
Robert Lebrón is a distinguished artist in his own right, and certainly one of the finest and most successful artists of our time.  He was born in New York City in 1928, delving into the arts at a very young age.  He studied at the New York High School of Music and Arts as well as The Arts Student League of New York.  He was soon drawing cartoons for a local paper which led him to working with Walt Disney artists.
Mr. Lebrón developed his own personal style, painting with just a palette knife, and concentrating on painting street scenes around the western world.  His paintings have been published in prestigious journals and each painting is full of life and tells it’s own story in Lebrón’s inimitable way. His most famous body of work, a series of paintings depicting the tragic trials of the Donner party is on display at the emigrant museum in Trucklee, California.
The public is invited to the Champagne Book Signing at The Art Gallery of Viera.  Also featured and available for purchase will be Robert F. Lebrón’s  original paintings and prints.  For more information see www.artgalleryofviera.com

Florida Romance Writers Cyber Spooktacular

Join the authors of Florida Romance Writers for a Bootastic Online Halloween Celebration. You don’t even need to dress up. From Oct. 28 – 31 visit author websites and facebook pages to collect your Witches Brew Ingredients and win great prizes! 

Participating authors: Demi Alex, Heidi Lynn Anderson, Nancy Cohen, Linda Conrad, Shelley Freydont, Heather Graham, Traci Hall, Joan Johnston, Karen Kendall, Marcia King-Gamble, Sandra Madden, Kathleen Pickering, Mona Risk, Carol Stephenson, Cynthia Thomason & Bonnie Vanak.
For complete details and to enter, visit http://www.booktalk.com/Halloween

Friday, October 19, 2012

FPA President’s Awards Patricia Charpentier Wins Silver

ORLANDO, FL – Author and lecturer Patricia Charpentier won a silver award in the category of self-help/instruction for her book, Eating an Elephant: Write Your Life One Bite at a Time. This is the third award the book has won since its publication.  Eating an Elephant was a first place winner in both the Royal Palm Literary Awards and Global E-book Awards.

The Florida Publishers Association (FPA) presented its 2012 President’s Book Awards at the Helmsley Sandcastle Hotel on Lido Beach, Sarasota following the organization’s two-day Fall Ed-U-Conference, themed “From Pbooks to Ebooks: Publish, Promote and Profit.” Participants attended presentations by nationally-recognized book experts and successful independent publishers in Florida. 

“The award winners represent some of the very best books published by Florida writers and presses in the past year and a half,” said Chris Angermann, FPA President.
The competition’s 35 judges, consisting of 32 Florida librarians and three graphic designers, selected publishers and authors whose books represented the best in 20 categories.

Eating an Elephant is available for purchase at www.writingyourlife.org and www.amazon.com.