Thursday, September 27, 2012

Magic Dreams Publishing Announces the Release of A Giant Pencil by Florida youth, Connor Wilson

Connor Wilson, the country’s youngest traditionally-published fiction writer, delivers a charming, heartwarming tale with an important message in his debut book release

CHICAGO, Illinois – Magic Dreams Publishing announces the release of A Giant Pencil by Connor Wilson.  A Giant Pencil (ISBN:  978-1-937148-12-6, Paperback, $12.95) is now available wherever fine books are sold.

With the release of A Giant Pencil, Connor Wilson earns the distinction of becoming the country’s youngest traditionally-published fiction writer.

Just eight years old when he first had the idea for his debut book, Connor aspired to follow in the footsteps of his dad, novelist Jeffrey Wilson.  Connor finished writing A Giant Pencil just after his ninth birthday and was offered a publishing contact by Magic Dreams Publishing, the children’s book imprint of Chicago-based traditional publisher, Weaving Dreams Publishing.

About A Giant Pencil:  Billy is a grumpy kid who believes that everyone—his brothers and sisters, his parents, his teachers, the kids at school, and even the dog next door—is picking on him. Fed up with being fussed at, singled out, bullied, and taunted, Billy just wants people to leave him alone.

It seems like Billy’s luck is changing when he sees a strange object fall from the sky.  That strange object turns out to be a giant pencil.  But this is no ordinary pencil:  this magic, giant pencil gives Billy the ability to erase anyone he doesn’t like and simply make them disappear.

With his newfound power, Billy’s dream of being left alone is finally within his reach.  A few swipes from the eraser and his meddlesome siblings, classmates, teachers, parents, and even the dog next door, simply disappear.

But this dream turns into a nightmare when Billy finds  that being alone isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. All by himself and sad, Billy realizes just how much his family, teachers, classmates (and even the dog next door) mean to him. Left with only a nub of an eraser, but a heart filled with hope, Billy hatches a plan. Could there be some more magic left in this magic giant pencil?

Written by a kid for kids, A Giant Pencil will reach children in ways that other children’s books can’t. With its positive, family-oriented message, A Giant Pencil will resonate with parents, teachers, and kids of all ages. 

A charming, clever, and captivating tale with an important lesson, A Giant Pencil is an imaginative and heartwarming story.  Published just before Connor Wilson’s twelfth birthday, A Giant Pencil is filled with vibrant, full-color illustrations by Alyssa Machette.

Connor Wilson is a sixth grader who loves skateboarding, playing video games, and fishing. Currently learning to Scuba dive, Connor, according to his family, holds the distinction of being the world’s best big brother to his little brother and sister, to whom he dedicated A Giant Pencil. Connor lives in Southwest Florida with his family. When not busy being a regular kid, Connor is hard at work on his next book.

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