Saturday, September 22, 2012

Book Review: Beyond the Inkblots: Confusion to Harmony by Dr. Valerie Allen

 You do not have control over everything that happens; however, you have absolute control over how you respond to what happens. Dr. Valerie Allen

It's easy to see that Dr. Allen has been working in the field of psychology for a while. She certainly knows her way around those troublesome situations that pop up in our lives. And,the wonderful thing is that she knows how to write in a way that brings it home to all.

I love the title of the first chapter: Life is a Do-It-Yourself Project. I think that is the theme of the book. She approaches life from a personal-responsibility perspective and guides the reader through the how-to of it all. Her approach is also practical. She's certainly intent on throwing us not just any lifeline, but the shortest and strongest lifeline in her toolkit.

One of the strengths of Beyond the Inkblots is that it's easy to read and follow. Allen has organized the material logically to provide readers what they need to know to get busy on making the transition from confusion to harmony.

I highly recommend this book and hope you will find it helpful. If nothing else, it will remind you to be good to yourself, and isn't that half the battle in any inner battle?

Beyond the Inkblots  is available through Amazon in paperback and in Kindle formats.

About the Author
Dr. Valerie Allen is a psychologist and author. She writes fiction, non-fiction, short stories and children’s books. She is a licensed school psychologist and is in private practice in Melbourne, Florida. She is active in the Space Coast Writers’ Guild, the National League of American Pen Women, Cape Canaveral Branch; and is a cofounder of Authors for Authors.

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