Thursday, September 27, 2012

A Long Way to Go by June Bryan Belfie

June Bryan Belfie, now has her fourth novel available. It was published by Desert Breeze Publishing House. Her historical novel, A Long Way to Go focuses on a young woman's journey through widowhood, marriage for convenience and a brutal journey across the Oregon Trail. It is set in 1843 and many events are based on factual journals and diaries from the emigrants of the time. The main characters are fictional.

Another e-book by this author was published recently, titled: The Landlord.
A broken engagement, a lost job and a new landlord, who wants pets removed from his premises, create havoc in Kristen's life. Spud, her double-toed black cat, was "family" and she'd move before parting with him. Her handsome landlord keeps appearing in her life. Is it more than business? Vic, her ex-boyfriend comes back and Kristen has a major decision to make.  

Ms. Belfie's first novel, Moving On is available as an e-book. It is set in Chester County, Pennsylvania, and is the story of a divorcee with a teen-age daughter, who finds herself attracted to a widower, who has his deceased wife on a pedestal.

A Special Blessing for Sara is a sweet romance set in Bloomsburg and Danville. It has humor as well as an inspirational message, with a surprise ending for the reader.

Readers can purchase these e-books through Desert Breeze, Amazon, Barnes & Nobles, or other e-book distributors. It can be downloaded onto an e-reader, such as Kindle, as well as a home computer or I-pod.

For more information please contact June Belfie at (570)441-6596 or

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