Saturday, August 18, 2012

Review of Orson Buggy's Lessons for Losers by Bill Allen

Orson Buggy's Lessons for Losers is a must read for anyone feeling a little out of place in the world. It's designed for children, but I thoroughly enjoyed it and think many adults will too.

What a great book. Bill Allen has a wonderful sense of humor and is able to instill his novels with just the right dose of it. I will be surprised if you don't find yourself chuckling throughout the novel.

Orson is a misfit in his new school and he doesn't help himself much by devising a plan that's doomed to failure from the start. Allen is the master of throwing a dilemma in front of his main character and having that snowball until the reader can see no way out. Anyone who has ever been teased will enjoy seeing Orson work his way out of his problems.

I highly recommend this book for the writing, for the topic and the excellent examples it provides those who may think they are losers too, and for the humor. Orson Buggy has such a fresh look at his predicament, I think you will enjoy watching him face the challenges offered up in this book.

It's available in paperback and for Kindle. You can find this book on Amazon by CLICKING HERE

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