Friday, July 27, 2012

The Brain Dead Manager, Second Edition by H.V. Rhodes

The Brain Dead Press announces the publication of The Brain Dead Manager, Second Edition.

Taking a humorous approach to a serious subject, The Brain Dead Manager explains the real reasons for America’s dysfunctional organizations. The second edition is updated to address the recent economic calamity with additional material. In any age, however, bad management will always be a problem, and there is little the rest of us can do except laugh about it.
The author, H.V. Rhodes, is a veteran and works locally as an engineer. He wrote this book for anyone who ever had a job they hated or anyone who ever worked for an idiot.
The Brain Dead Manager, Second Edition is available as an e-book on Amazon Kindle and on Barnes & Noble Nook. A soft copy edition is available at selected locations or directly from the publisher at

978-0-9771677-1-5 = 2nd Edition, Hard copy (Softcover)
978-0-9771677-2-2 = 2nd Edition, eBook

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