Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Journalstone Publishing announces the release of The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson:

The Donors is now available nationwide

 Journalstone Publishing announces the release of The Donors by Jeffrey Wilson. The Donors (ISBN: 978-1-936564-46-0, Trade Paper, 246 pages, $16.95) is now available nationwide. The Donors is also available in an eBook edition.

A brilliantly-conceived novel that fuses elements of horror, medical suspense and the supernatural, The Donors is a tense and terrifying tale about the ultimate struggle of good versus evil.

Hailed as a formidable talent with an uncanny ability to create universally-moving, inventive, and gripping stories, author Jeffrey Wilson draws from a diverse array of life experiences. A trauma and combat surgeon who served two tours in Iraq, Wilson knows first-hand the horrors of war, the painful uncertainty of life-or-death situations, and the grip of seeing those haunting images that cannot be unseen. While Wilson’s realm of experience provides a rich resource for the fresh, innovative, and imaginative storylines he creates, what elevates his writing to another level is the uniquely human element that courses throughout. 

His latest novel, The Donors, is populated with real, relatable, flesh-and-blood characters who come to life within the pages. And what results is a gripping, mesmerizing, and evocative novel. Meticulously-plotted, carefully-crafted with the precision of a surgeon, and bristling with suspense, The Donors is a haunting story that will leave readers breathless.

About The Donors:  Five-year-old Nathan Doren is in the hospital recovering from unspeakable injuries he received at the hands of his mother’s abusive and violent ex-boyfriend. But the hospital—a place that should be safe—is anything but:  An evil force stalks the hospital. Demonic-looking men with deathly pale faces and glowing eyes lurk in the shadows. And someone—or some thing—is harvesting skin and organs from living donors against their will. In his dreams, Nathan can see these demons in their true form:  evil creatures who feed on the fear and hatred they create in their victims. Nathan’s only ally is Dr. Jason Gelman, the young doctor who cares for him. Bound together by a common legacy of abuse and the ability to see these demons for what they are, Nathan and Jason must find a way to stop these evil creatures—before their own loved ones become the next victims.

According to Richard Godwin, author of Mr. Glamour and Apostle Rising, “With its tight muscular prose and sharp dialogue, The Donors will keep you hooked from the opening page. Wilson has written a novel packed with surprises and suspense, and drawn characters who experience every pang the reader feels. This is a novel full of visceral, intense moments. It will keep you holding on until the brilliant end.”

About the Author
Jeffrey Wilson has worked as an actor, a firefighter, a paramedic, a jet pilot, a diving instructor, a Naval officer, and a vascular and trauma surgeon. He also served two tours in Iraq as a combat surgeon with both the Marines and with a Joint Special Operations Task Force. In addition to his debut novel, The Traiteur’s Ring, which was released in 2011, Wilson has written dozens of short stories, including “Calling Home,” which was published in BuzzyMag and “The Writer,” which was included in the Warped Words 2011:  90 Minutes to Live anthology. Jeffrey and his wife, Wendy, are Virginia natives who, with children Emma, Jack, and Connor, call Southwest Florida home. When not working as a surgeon or chasing his three kids, he is hard at work on his next novel.  Wilson’s next novel, Fade to Black, is tentatively slated for a 2013 release. Visit Jeffrey Wilson online at:

Journalstone Publishing is an independent book publisher, focusing on the genres of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Founded in 2010, Journalstone publishes books for both the adult and young adult audiences. In addition to showcasing works by new writers, Journalstone publishes a yearly short story anthology and hosts an annual contest for horror novelists. Journalstone Publishing ( is based in San Francisco, California.

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