Saturday, July 28, 2012

Inge, Revolution and Witchcraft by Sieglinde P. Young

"Inge, Revolution and Witchcraft" is the final book in the "Inge" trilogy, following "Inge's War" and "Inge's Unexpected Guest".
Inge Boag and her family embark on a life filled with cultural and tribal mysteries when they initially make their home in West Africa in the mid 1960's. Monrovia, Liberia, the land of black faces, freed slaves, of gold and blood diamonds. Rituals, dance, masks and laughter, spirits, blood and witchcraft are the ingredients of daily existence. The revolution in 1980 triggers a series of events whose momentum catches Inge in its grip and forces her to make a tragic choice.
Sieglinde P. Young was born in Hannover, Germany. She and her family emigrated to Canada and later to Miami, Florida. After raising three daughters, wanderlust struck. For the next twenty years she and husband lived and worked in West Africa, South East Asia and Egypt. They now reside in central Florida.
Ms. Young is the author of the following novels: "Inge's War", "The Rebellion of Nilofleur", "Journey Into Fear", and "Inge's Unexpected Guest". She recently completed a fantasy entitled "The Land Of Shadows".  
Her books are available on and Kindle.
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