Thursday, July 19, 2012

Florida Author Walter Ramsay Releases New Novel, Coastal Access, Murder Mystery Featuring Investigative Journalist Tucker Lee Anderson

Ramsay's new book is a murder mystery novel that is steeped in mystery, suspense, graft, greed, Florida history and shady real estate schemes, all blended deftly with humor. The new book features sports writer turned investigative journalist Tucker Lee Anderson

Pine Beach NJ, July 18, 2012 - Florida Author Walter Ramsay has released Coastal Access. Coastal Access is a murder mystery set in Florida. The book is set apart and defined by its emphasis on local Florida history and includes elements of mystery, suspense, graft, greed and shady real estate schemes hatched by high ranking officials. Coastal Access brings back Ramsay's popular character from Beneath The Dune, sports writer turned investigative journalist Tucker Lee Anderson.

"I wrote this book," stated Mr. Ramsay," for the pure enjoyment of my fans. After the success of Beneath The Dune, many readers wanted me to continue with the Magnum P.I. like character, Tucker Lee Anderson.  

I enjoy incorporating "real" locations into my novel that people can recognize. Even though the characters are fictitious, the locations are real and people can identify and relate to the locations. History of the selected areas is also authentic. Coastal Access concerns the area of Florida that "time forgot". Many people are familiar with the so called waste land that lies west of Interstate 95 through Central Florida, but seldom pay little attention too. I have decided to raise the question, "what if...?" with regards to those millions of acres. 

 The story is VERY relevant to concerns many people have about our future and what could eventually happen to this virgin land if it fell into the hands of unscrupulous people.

 In Florida, Interstate 95 snakes from the Georgia state line to Miami in an uninterrupted run of  coastal cities. The country that lies west of the interstate however is often referred to as a wasteland, a no-man's territory fit only for those who can stand the dank heat of a swamp. So when Judge Arnold Galley and his consortium seem intent on acquiring over a million and a half acres of this fetid real estate just west of the highway, many heads begin to turn. Why does he want it so bad?

 That question intrigues Tucker Lee Anderson, a divorced sports reporter down on his luck. Not long after his discovery of the judge's prodigious real estate lust, he finds himself plunged into the middle of a massive murder cover-up that involves the magistrate as well. Suddenly, the sports scribe has turned into an undercover investigative reporter who must piece together the puzzle to find out why so many people want or need the judge's coastal access.

 The mystery's roots are deep and old. To crack the case, Tucker will have to draw on the knowledge contained in his family's Deep Southern lineage, which dates back to a time before the Civil War. He is aided in his quest by Craig, a detective and childhood friend, whose law enforcement connections will prove invaluable for his investigation and even for his own personal safety.

 Yet Tucker's most startling source of help is a mysterious stranger named Doug. After being presumed dead for decades, he has returned to Florida for unexplained reasons. Eventually, Tucker will find that Doug plays an unexpectedly large role in his life and will let him understand how his fate is intimately tied to the real estate greed of the judge's consortium.

About the book 
 Coastal Access by Walter Ramsay
ISBN: 978-0983440741
Publisher: Pena Beach Press
Date of publish: June 2012
Pages: 262
S.R.P.: $11.99

About the author:
As a long time teacher and coach in New Jersey, Walter praises public education and the dynamic students it produces.  When not at the Jersey Shore, Walter is a part time resident of the Central Florida coast.  He became enamored with the beauty, culture, and people of this pristine area over 30 years ago, and still can't get enough.  He has vigilantly taken the time to delve into the history of this beautiful coastline and incorporated that background into his writings.

 Walter spent much of his earlier years traveling the Florida coast from Saint Augustine to Key West from his father's home in Daytona Beach.

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