Saturday, July 7, 2012

Cuba Unveiled

Dawn Currie is proud to announce the release of two new books – In Search of the Real Cuba: A Journey from East to West; From Ignorance to Insight and Faces of Cuba. These books provide a glimpse of life in Cuba – where time stands still, yet takes its toll.

 They are the fruits of a physically and mentally challenging two-week
trek by the author/photographer that spans the island of Cuba from east
to west. Dawn brought school and clinic supplies to impoverished areas
and left enriched with memories to last a lifetime. In Search of the Real Cuba includes over 300 photos that will stir the mind and stories that touch the soul. Faces of Cuba
includes images of the resilient, creative, and generous Cuban people,
where they work and live. These works were made possible, in part, from
the patrons who purchased her photographs during the solo exhibition and
art sale at the Viera Government Center featured in the Florida Today “Spaces” section on March 3, 2012. The books are available on-line at
Through her images, Dawn strives to capture the beauty and moments that
enrich our daily lives, wherever life my take us. Most of us go through
life rushing from one place to the next, mesmerized by electronic
gadgets and not really seeing our world and all its riches. Her passion
is to reveal the unexpected, to draw the viewer in, and to share what
others rush by. She is also preparing for a solo exhibition at the
Gallery of Hope in Vero Beach, FL that opens on October 3, 2012. Her
images can also be viewed and purchased at

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