Monday, June 25, 2012

Wedding of My Dreams by Joyce Henderson

Joyce Henderson's eighth book has been published on Kindle. Wedding of My Dreams is a time travel romance in which Kathleen O'Donnell, a Cleveland, Ohio judge, is about to be married in the same church where her grandparents were married sixty years before.  Her fiancĂ© made all the arrangements for the "wedding of her dreams," and surprised her with this trip to a tiny, isolated village on the northern coast of Ireland.  Her dream turns into a nightmare, however, when a crazy, sword-wielding shepherd kidnaps the bride.  

It is May 1st, a day of enchantment when certain portals to the past open and Kat doesn't realize that she has stepped from the twenty-first century into the middle of a first century clan war. 

Her kidnapper Connor, chieftain of the Malley clan believes she is CaitrĂ­n, the daughter of his life-long enemy Donal and the woman he has long planned to abduct and force into marriage.  However, Connor has stolen the wrong woman.  His kidnapped bride belongs to another time, another place and another man.

While Connor is certain she is Donal's daughter, Kat is just as insistent she is not.  And, she will not go peaceably with this madman who talks about a demented druid, warriors and the Otherworld.

In the end, Kat must choose between two men and two very different lives, all that she is and knows, and all that love offers, while Connor must surrender a lifetime of hatred and revenge to make room for love in his life.    

The book is available at Amazon.

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