Saturday, June 9, 2012

Novel in a Day Workshop with Vic Digenti on June 16

"Vic DiGenti is a superb instructor and offered a well-organized, interactive workshop. Great takeaway. A good session for both novice and experienced writers
." –Nancy Fox
Writers today face an uphill climb. The competition is fierce, the learning curve steep. There’s no magic wand, but by learning the basic techniques for crafting a novel, the beginning writer can quickly flatten the learning curve. Novel in a Day Workshop with Vic DiGenti  packs a year’s worth of learning into a day-long interactive session filled with practical advice and solid instruction. Some of the topics covered:
  • Elements of plot and structure
  • Creating characters that sizzle
  • Secrets of good dialogue
  • Crafting strong beginnings, middles and ends
  • Deciphering point of view
  • Tips for self-editing
Here's how you can join them for the next session of Novel in a Day...

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