Saturday, June 16, 2012

Cocaine Smuggling and Murder n the Keys by Gerald McCallum

Cocaine Smuggling and Murder in The Keys. This 308 page book tells a tale of Sherry, a single woman and marina owner in the Keys who gets involved in smuggling cocaine and several murders. Sherry, a soon to be divorced woman in her mid-thirties is very sexy, a master of deceit and skilled in the art of manipulation. She uses sex, deceit and murder to get what she wants. All three of these create an atmosphere of violence laced with toot and sex in the world of smuggling.

Sherry's first opportunity comes to her in the form of Bob, a renter and drug runner, who makes the mistake of falling in love with her and offers her a briefcase full of cash. This is in exchange for half ownership of the marina. Sherry takes the cash realizing that there is more where this came from, and that no one will ever get half of her marina.
Sherry uses her body as a poker chip to get into the cocaine smuggling business. Men and women alike fall for her manipulations and deceit, and after she has no further use for them she literally gets rid of them. She meets a tall, thin black dancer, named Isabelle who becomes her lover. Sherry will do whatever Isabelle asks of her.

Cocaine, Smuggling and Murder in the Keys provides a background of sunlit skies, emerald waters, yachts and scantily dressed tan bodies, where everyday is just another day in Paradise-JUST NOT NORMAL!

This book is available at Kindle for $4.99, (download), and Kindle Library on loan for free and Amazon for $9.99(paperback).

About the author:
McCallum is retired and continues to reside in Florida. After living on a houseboat at a marina in Southern Florida for twenty-five years, McCallum decided to put his memories on paper. Most of the people he has written about are either in jail or in the ground.

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