Thursday, June 14, 2012

Book News from Robert Brown

Robert Brown's second book, Wounded Hero Voyage II is now available on

 Wounded Hero Voyage II picks up where book I leaves off arriving in Greenland. Bob and Ralph, brothers, travel past thousands of  icebergs in the World’s smallest powerboat to ever cross the Atlantic
Ocean. They are traveling the route which passes just south of the  Arctic Circle.

The book is loaded with 92 pictures showing incredible  sites and hardships with an up-close view that lets the reader experience the drama as it unfolds. The storms are rolling in as they motor in small windows of better weather continuing to the Faroe Islands, Shetlands, Orkneys, Scotland, England, France, Holland, and finishing the 8,312 mile voyage in a boat with less than a foot of freeboard.

“You must be CRAZY!” is the most popular phrase that coincides with their voyage. They are promoting Wounded Hero Foundations in memory of three Marines, John Harvey, George Holmes, and Dewey Johnson.

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