Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Unnatural Truth by Christopher Hawke

How do we fight our own demons?  This question haunts Brendan McGovern when his grief and weakness send him on a journey across the country and into his own dark center.  Unnatural Truth takes the reader though the layers of Brendan’s reality as he treads a tightrope between hell and redemption.
Playing against his demonic nemesis, Brendan seeks to find his wife, Jane, and their daughter, Ashley, while battling for his own sanity.

Author Christopher Hawke surfaced in 2011 with his debut novel, Unnatural Truth--a story focusing on the perception of reality, addiction, and mental illness. This gripping, psychological thriller immediately established Hawke's unique talent for intense storytelling. His prose weaves together philosophy, spirituality, psychology, and terror into deep stories for deep people. His distinctive style has attracted a sizable, worldwide fan base, awaiting his second novel, Altered Selves--to be released in October 2012.

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