Saturday, May 12, 2012

TARAN by Kee Briggs

According to the front pages of the book, this is Kee Briggs' 25th book. There may be more... but Mr. Prolific has just published TARAN. This time he lists the genres as science fiction, space travel and aliens.


About the book:

TARAN: Based on two scientific discoveries, Galaxy Enterprises secretly constructed a new concept spaceship on Earth. Concurrently, Gal X financed the education of people to work on the project. Two college students formed the nucleus of a six month, locked-in, shakedown crew, who put the ship through simulated tests, while the real crew trained for space.

Before the end of the mock flight, a competing corporation's army invades the site to steal the shop. To avoid capture and the loss of the vessel, the pilot launches.

While trying to avoid being shot down, the shakedown crew ends up thirteen light years off in space, where they become the alien intruders. They must avoid capture and try to return home.


About the Author:

Kee Briggs: Now casting tendrils of creativity out into the universe.

TARAN is available at Amazon... CLICK HERE


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