Saturday, May 26, 2012

The Final Act Released by F.R. Merrill

F.R. Merrill, a Central Florida health care provider and inspirational short story writer, has witnessed the healing power of storytelling and has devoted her time to give others the courage to share and heal by sharing their own stories and stories of others.

As a professional storyteller for more than 15 years, F.R. Merrill understands what it takes to tell a story and the courage it takes for an individual to express one’s thoughts and feelings.

The Final Act, From Woodstock to Broadway, a suspense thriller set in the fascinating world of Broadway theatre delves into the life of an assistant producer. As her dream of bringing her Native American production to the grand theaters of Broadway becomes a reality, she discovers her daughter’s drinking problem and a horrible murder takes the life of a close friend. The question she faces - - is the price for success too much?

In one interview, Merrill expressed her thrill about reviews that she has received from theatrical gurus and police detectives, adding the response so far has been “wonderful and overwhelming.”

Book enthusiasts looking for an entertaining and insightful read are bound to find solace in this latest work of fiction.The Final Act, From Woodstock to Broadway  is available at Amazon. And the author's website is

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