Saturday, June 2, 2012

Feedback, Support to Writers of Fiction at Free SWISH Workshop in St. Petersburg, FL

By John Rehg

The FWA St. Petersburg Writers Group is proud to announce a workshop spanning seven weeks this summer, called SWISH: Story Workshop In Summer’s Heat. They look forward to building on the Novel in a Day workshop, with several added benefits.

In addition to covering the essentials of story, participants will be able to read aloud from their work, they will get feedback and critique on their story idea, their story structure, and individual scenes.

The workshop is set on an easy to remember 3-2-1 schedule; that is, the third Saturday in June (6/16), the second Saturday in July (7/14), and the first Saturday in August (8/04). It will be held at the Pinellas Park Public Library, centrally located between Clearwater and St. Petersburg.

Each workshop day is three hours long, from 1:30pm to 4:30pm.

They’re excited to offer this opportunity to writers to take the time to write a complete short story with an end in mind: to get it published. A listing of upcoming anthologies looking for short stories will be sent out so that those who have not already invested time in a story can start something new. For those who want to continue working on their novel, the workshop is useful as well, as a scene is a scene, a plot is a plot, no matter what story it is in.

They ran the Mystery In a Month workshop several years ago, and it was well received. The only disappointment then was that four weeks was not enough to finish a story.  The hope here is that the time frame (seven weeks) can accommodate unexpected interruptions and still allow someone to either finish a short story or make significant progress on their novel, in at least one area.

Bring your writing instruments – this is a working workshop!

For details, please visit the SWISH Workshop website, or contact John Rehg at

What would you like to accomplish at the workshop? What genre is your WIP?

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