Saturday, May 19, 2012

Book News, Redeeming Grace by Evelyn Wolph Kruiger

Redeeming Grace is a novel steeped in love, terror, death, and hope. Life is good in the small eastern Nebraska town where Robert Grace Postel, a deputy sheriff, and Sadie Sheldon,the woman of his dreams live. Sadie is everything Robert wants in a woman and a romantic relationship blossoms.

The romance grows until a killer from Robert’s past stalks them both with the sole intention of ending their stroll towards wedded bliss. Frances Gauntry, a cold-hearted killer, promises to kill both Sadie and Robert. While on a weekend camping trip Gauntry grabs Sadie and drags her through the woods to a river-side cave with the sole goal of ending her life. Will Sadie be able to save herself? Or can Robert arrive in time to spare her from torture, rape, or death? Find out in Redeeming Grace.

About the Author

Evelyn Wolph Kruger lived her childhood in Los Angeles, her teens in Eastern Nebraska, her working years in a Chicago suburb, and is now retired to a Florida beach town. That means city to farm, farm to city, and city to beach—from the quaking west to the wind-blown east, with corn country in the middle. She loves going to school and has earned a B.A., M. Ed, and J. D. She’s worked as mom, counselor, teacher, and lawyer. She currently picks up trash on the beach, pens poetry, plays bridge, and writes novels about serial killers and Revolutionary War patriots. Her first novel "Revolutionary Rose: Boston Tea to Boston Free" was published in July 2011 through Old Line Publishing.

This book is available from most major online retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Powell’s, Books-A-Million, and others. You can also order directly and conveniently from the Old Line Publishing Bookstore.

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