Monday, April 23, 2012

Holly Fox Vellekoop to sign books and speak in Pennsylvania

Danville native Holly Fox Vellekoop will be signing her published books at the Spring Flingin Danville, Pensylvania, Saturday, May 5, in front of McWillimas Uniform Shop on Mill Street. 

She will also be speaking on May 7 at the Thomas Beaver Free Library at 6:30pm on the topic “Justice and Revenge in the USA.” Holly will be discussing recent and past court cases, revenge-taking and the public’s perception of the justice system in America. The speaking tour is in conjunction with the release of Holly’s most recent fiction novel, “Justice and Revenge” which asks the question, “How far would you go to gain justice for you or a loved one if the justice system has failed you?” The novel is available at and
Holly is also the author of  “STONE HAVEN: Murder Along the River,” a murder mystery 
set in Danville. She has written three other mystery novels set in Danville, one of which is currently 
under consideration for publication. Holly’s second published book is “How to Help When Parents Grieve,” a nonfiction book written to help those who have had a child pass away and to help those who know
someone whose child has died.
Holly, a member of Authors For Authors, is a frequent writer for the writer’s magazine “The Contributor.” She also writes a monthly advice column, “Dear Gramma,” for the “Senior Life Newspaper.

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