Saturday, April 28, 2012

Book Review of Private Eye Cats by SN Bronstein

I told you in a previous post about Stan Bronstein's new book Private Eye Cats, Book One: The Case of the Neighborhood Burglars. I just posted the following review on about it.

What a great book. I know this book is for children, but I enjoyed it more than I probably should admit.

Bronstein has created two delightful main characters for this wonderful mystery series. I won't soon forget them, and I won't forget where I was when I learned from this book that cats really can speak in English.

Scooter and Nugget are two loveable house cats used to taking it easy while their humans are at work. You know what they say about cats and curiosity though. When Nugget discovers a way out of the house, they can't resist taking a little trip to see the outside world.

Bronstein wisely puts Nugget in charge of telling the story. She not only tells the story in her own humorous voice, but she also provides interesting and entertaining insight into the feline mind. Their trips outside take on new meaning when they decide to solve the case of the neighborhood burglaries. Will they be able to find the burglars? And if they do find them, how will they ever be able to stop them?

I highly recommend this book. Read this one now and give Bronstein incentive to write faster as you anticipate the next in the series.

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