Sunday, April 8, 2012

Be Inspired..... I met Chad T. Douglas last weekend and he inspired me.

You may or may not have know the name Chad T. Douglas, but I think you'll probably be hearing about him in the future.    I only talked to him for a minute or two, but that was enough.

Here's how I met him...

Last weekend I went to the UCF Book Festival. I was one of the bloggers invited. I arrived early and after a little searching of The Arena, I found the room they had set aside for us.  It was in a sky box and I took a few minutes to organize myself.

Armed with my program, I headed to the floor at 9:30. I decided the best use of my time was to make my way around the exhibit hall and meet as many of the Florida authors and publishers as possible.  I had a great time talking with creative people about their projects.

 When I approached Chad's table, I saw three books displayed, and I was startled by his youth.  This "kid" couldn't have written three book, could he? So, in my own subtle manner, I blurted, "How old are you?"

He was polite enough to answer. (Don't ask me that question... I won't be as polite.)  Anyway, he's 22.  So that's part of the BE INSPIRED title to this post.  How many people do you know who have published any books, let alone three, by the time they are 22?

The next point of inspiration came when I told him I was from Florida Book News and asked him to send me a press release for a blog post. In response, he handed me a press kit complete with business card, press releases, synopses of his books, a cd of a radio interview, press clippings, etc.

Now, if you're reading this Chad, I must tell you how much that impressed me.  It has been a long, long time since anyone has handed me a press kit. Kudos to you!  With computers, writers have gotten lazy. Sometimes when I ask for information, they even tell me, "Oh, just go over to my website and take whatever you want. It's all there."

For the record, I don't do that. Mainly because... it's your career... it's important to put your own spin on what information you give to people not have them pull it willy-nilly from your website.

That said, you can see how that one little press kit made my day.  Thanks Chad. I needed that.  Now, please go to the next post and read all about Chad and his books.

Before I end this post. I do want to thank the UCF Book Festival committee for the invitation to be a blogger at the festival. It was a great festival complete with lectures and presentations all day long on different topics interesting to book lovers. Please follow their website and don't miss attending next year.  You'll find information about the festival right here.... UCF BOOK FESTIVAL.  Also, I'll be blogging about some of the authors involved in the festival as they send in their information.

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