Saturday, March 17, 2012

Women's Shelter to Benefit from Book

The HOUSE OF RUTH, a safe place in Dothan, Alabama, for victims of domestic violence, will
receive all the royalties from a book written by Lura Zerick, a great-grandmother from nearby  
Geneva. The author, an active 81-year-old, is a survivor of years of physical, verbal and
emotional abuse.

     In THE HOUSE OF ESTHER she urges women to have the courage of the Biblical Esther as they seek a better life. She states, “For over twenty years I had a deep sense of failure. I was told daily how useless, ugly and stupid I was and after awhile I began to believe that. My disappointment in myself and my life caused me to fall into a long term depression.  I never wanted a career; I wanted only to be a good wife and mother.  I allowed the words and actions of others to destroy my self esteem and this almost destroyed me.  I had no idea that my best years were in the future!”

     After  ‘walking on eggshells’ for several years and being quiet in order to ‘keep the peace’, Zerick finally decided that life is too short to live in constant strife with life threats filling most days. She brought her four youngest children from Miami to Geneva, Alabama, near her birthplace in Holmes County, Florida. There were many obstacles but a growing faith in God taught Zerick that she could rely on Him in all things.

     Starting college classes after the youngest of five children attended kindergarten helped to change her attitude about herself. Making good grades reminded her that she had enjoyed learning as she began to see her potential instead of her ‘failures’.  After beginning college classes at South Campus MDJC in Miami, FL, Zerick transferred to ESJC in Enterprise, AL.  

Because her Alabama home was destroyed by a tornado during hurricane Elouise (on the only night in three years that no one was at home) she had to return to Miami for awhile,  where she completed her Associate in Arts Degree in Journalism.  This was her stepping stone to a more rewarding life.

     Feelings of being worthless faded as Zerick wrote and produced a weekly turned daily radio program for women, “Encouragement for Today’s Woman”; (this program was broadcast in Miami, Atlanta, Pensacola, Geneva and De Funiak Springs, FL) edited and published a newsletter, “Living with Hope”, using manuscripts of female writers across America; wrote a magazine and newspaper column, “Encouragement for Today”, had freelance articles published in national magazines, spoke and sang at various groups as she urged her audiences to use their God-given abilities to live the lives they were meant to live. She was Executive Editor at a regional magazine, Grassroots South and Editorial Assistant for an international publication, Journal of Marital & Family Therapy, as she worked as Secretary to the Dean at Florida College of Professional Psychology, which later merged with Nova University.  Zerick has enjoyed regional, national and international TV guest spots involving one of  her four other books or
singing some of the gospel songs that she wrote and recorded.  Book signings, speaking and singing dates from Minnesota to Miami have given a sense of accomplishment  that Zerick considers a gift from God.

     Wanting to share with battered women that their best years are in the future, Zerick hopes that her fifth book, THE HOUSE OF ESTHER  will inspire victims of domestic violence to seek a more peaceful and rewarding life. The book tells of one woman’s victorious journey from domestic abuse to an  opportunity to help other women who live in that traumatic world. 

     Bookstores can order THE HOUSE OF ESTHER at;
ISBN: 978-1-60911-680-4. The book is available on or
The price is $11.95. Zerick can be reached at

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