Saturday, March 31, 2012

Usher Orlop Mystery Series by Kee Briggs

One-through-Eight of the Usher Orlop Mystery Series by Kee Briggs are now available on Kindle.

The Golden Janus & The Pewter Masks
The Nickel Trophy & The Bronze Bones
The Brass Portraits & The Zinc Ormolu
The Silver Scepter & The Rhodium Dragon

Additionally, the following are also available on Kindle:

The Third Removed
The Painted War          
The Oregon Vortex (a new YA ScFi available only as an Kindle)
Write To Live Longer (A self-help ebook)

Go to Amazon (link to Kee Briggs)  for the complete list of writings, formats, covers, inside looks and prices. Don’t miss page two.

Kee Briggs is a long-time member of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild. He joined during the 1999 Writers’ Convention and published his first book in 2001. Since then he has published twenty-four more.  Now he is expanding them out into the various new formats.  Kee has formed his own house, Keescapes Publishing, to handle his work.

Note: Any thumbs up or submitted reviews would be greatly appreciated by the author.

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