Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Cat Who Loved Dogs by Sunny Fader

 As any cat lover knows, one never “owns” a cat.  If we are fortunate, some of these remarkable creatures will deign to share our home with us provided, of course, we supply all the things they believe necessary for their happiness.  For Hillary, a cunning little Siamese-mix kitten that came to live with the author and her two cats those needs included the companionship of a dog.  By some quirk of fate, shortly after Hillary arrived the dog appeared, and the cat was happy.  When the dog was no longer available to her, Hillary did what any self-respecting cat would do...she left home in search of a replacement.

The Cat Who Loved Dogs is the true tale of Hillary’s commitment to keeping a dog in her life...and the unpredictable impact her determination had on the humans whose lives she touched in the process.
Both book and E-book versions are available at Booklocker, Amazon, Barnes & Nobel or your local book store.

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