Saturday, March 17, 2012

Booklet published by Antoneth L Williams

This  booklet contains pages of  invaluable  guidance on how to handle today’s economic mayhem  with positive and successful  outcomes.  It is filled with knowledge and current experiences from business and educational professionals on how to prepare for, find jobs, be progressive whether you are a student, professional or specialist.  How to research for jobs, how to prepare for interviews,  how to work smart to be extraordinaryand to get promotions.
 About the Author:  Antoneth L. Williams
Williams earned degrees and certifications from the  University of Hartford, CT.  Rollins College of
Education, St. Leo College of Education/Exceptional Education and has certificates for English
literature from the University of London, England, Overseas Division.  Williams has an accumulation
of certificates and achievement awards for excellence in business and education and has
published articles in business and industry magazines. 
Books can be purchased at Barnes and Noble and Amazon.
Publishers – iUniverse

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