Sunday, March 18, 2012

Amelia’s Gift by Debra John

About the Book
Amelia’s Gift is a captivating story from the heart, based on true events in the life of author Debra John. An inspirational love story on many levels, it portrays the life of Lisa Marie Anderson. An ever-smiling optimist who never misses a meal, she is the daughter of World War  I and Korean combat veteran Edward Anderson and loving mother and housewife Amelia. The  fourth of six children, Lisa relies on her positive outlook and sense of humor to cope with a father who abuses alcohol. When she later marries a man who also turns to alcohol after twenty   years of marriage, her patience and humor are eventually overshadowed. Lisa’s life becomes entangled yet hopeful with a spirit-guided message from her mother, ballroom dancing,  Caribbean cruising, and Alex, a guy who can’t seem to find the right wristwatch.

About the Author
Born in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, Debra makes her home in Cocoa Beach, Florida. After thirty-four years as an executive secretary for the US Government, she is using her writing skills and creativity to fulfill her dream of becoming a published author. An avid reader of books on romance and spirituality, she has combined both topics to create a unique story from the heart.

Balboa Press - December 2011 - 224 pages
ISBN: 6x9 Paperback (978-1-4525-4286-7)
6x9 Hardcover (978-1-4525-4288-1)
Suggested Retail Price:
$15.99 - Paperback
$33.95 - Hardcover

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