Friday, February 17, 2012

Book News from B. James Wilson

'The Sign of Jonah" by B. James Wilson is now available for Kindle, Nook, IPad, Sony and all other e-book readers. This fictional look at the Biblical story of a rebellious prophet will keep you reading  to the end. There is much more to the story of Jonah than you were told in Sunday School. More than the great controversy over whether it was a fish or a whale that swallowed him. "The Sign of Jonah" provides an interesting, in-depth look at the Biblical story and its underlying message of hope. 
From February 20 to the 24th, "The Sign of Jonah" will be a free download for all Kindle users at Amazon where it is always free to "Prime" members. For Nook, iPad, Sony and all others, the book is available at for $5.99. Don't miss "The Sign of Jonah", a sign of the times.

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