Monday, January 16, 2012

The Silk Charade by Gillian Townsend

The Silk Charade, first book in the Series, is available on Amazon’s Kindle, Barnes & Noble’s Nook and Smashwords. Next in the Series…Canary Yellow is coming soon.
        Former Marine Lieutenant Derek Carter returns home from the grim war in Iraq to the gleaming sunshine of Naples, Florida─under the pretense of attending law school. In reality, Derek has enlisted with a covert government agency to impede global drug traffickers. Surrounded by his paradise, Derek falls in love… for the very first time with the beautiful, yet insecure Katie Winters.  A young lady so depressed by her past romantic failures, she reads from an imaginary woman’s journal of love.  The fanciful tale entitled My Whimsical Misadventures in Dating…where every bachelor has a number…weaves in and out of this storyline; the divorcee becoming so desperate to land a decent new beau, she invents a witchdoctor to resolve her malfunctioning love-life!
Derek’s assignment─to ensnare Angelo Natale; an Italian clothing designer who is smuggling opium within the pockets of inconspicuous silk garments manufactured in China.  The shipments continue to be off-loaded from the Miami Docks under the eyes of corrupt DEA Agents.  Both Derek and Katie’s families own competitive boutiques in Naples and were misleadingly sold the silk apparel, making Derek the perfect deception to unleash upon the criminal Natale.  

            However, Derek’s ruse twists dangerously for the lovers as he and Katie embark on a harried ride, filled with mistrust and uncertainty… through Venice, Italy. Here and impetuous Katie will try to aid Derek in subduing the evil Natale. Can the couple endure to exchange possible wedding vows, or will one return to Naples alone? If Derek does succeed, a final perilous challenge still awaits him-as a member of the counterinsurgency unit that rescued him from the clutches of the Taliban in Afghanistan, will keep trying to coax Derek into repaying that favor. 

About the Author
 Gillian Townsend was reared in the New York metropolitan area. She relocated to Naples, Florida, in her twenties.  She owned and managed small businesses in the area.  During the past five years, she has been writing a romance series, began work on a new mystery series, and cooked up a thriller.      You can find her on Facebook or contact her through her email at

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