Thursday, December 8, 2011

Writing Workshops for Tomorrow's Authors

Murder on the Beach Bookstore Presents:

FL Authors Academy
Writing Workshops for Tomorrow’s Authors

All workshops are $25 per person
held at our store 273 NE 2nd Ave in Delray Beach. 
Reservations are required. 
                                                 561-279-7790 or

Saturday January 7, 10 am - noon
Kick Start Your Novel :Quick, common-sense tips on getting organized, getting started, and writing your first novel. Instructor: Prudy Taylor Board          
Saturday January 14, 10 am - noon
The Building Blocks of Fiction: Goal, Motivation and Conflict: Understand them, use them, and turn a good idea into a great story. Instructor: Cynthia Thomason          

Saturday January 21, 10 am - noon
The Magic of Memoir: Three basic steps everyone can use to write a factual and engaging story of your life. Instructor:  Brenda Serotte           

Saturday January 28, 10 am - noon
Create Convincing Characters: Create characters who advance the plot, and engage the reader. Instructor:  Pearl Wolf      
Saturday February 4, 10 am - noon
     Write Dialogue That Snaps
Dialogue exercises will focus on when to use it, and how to make it sound natural. 
     Instructor:  Deborah Sharp        

Sunday February 5, Noon - 2 pm
     Kill (On the Page) Realistically with Guns, Knives, and Bare Hands
Realistic methods of killing your characters using guns, knives, and bare hands. 
     Instructor: Jeremiah Healy   
Saturday February 11, 10 am - noon
Plot a la Sinclair Lewis: C (PPE) + KISS: This course will show you this simple formula any writer can use to enhance their work.Instructor:  David Hagberg         

Sunday February 12, Noon - 2 pm
The Importance of Being Edited: The different levels of editing and what they mean: Developmental, line, and copy editing. Instructors: Mary Stanton & Alison Janssen  

Saturday February 25, 10 am – noon
Add Sexual Tension to Your Manuscript - Whatever You Write: Simple secrets of the best-sellers: sexual tension for your two main characters in conflict. Instructor:  Linda Conrad            

Saturday March 3, 10 am - noon
Get Your Facts Straight: Research, research, research!  How to ensure a factual read with minimum effort. Instructor: Eliot Kleinberg         

Saturday March 10, 10 am - noon
We Are Sorry, But...  How To Avoid Rejection: What are the flags that scream reject?  First learn them, then learn not to use them.  Instructor: Randy Rawls         

Saturday March 17, 10 am - noon
Build Your World: Create a Sizzling Setting: The different facets of world building as they apply to all genres, fiction or non-fiction. Instructor:  Nancy J. Cohen 
Saturday March 24, 10 am - noon
Get Published and Paid For It: Learn how to tell what markets are out there, and who will buy your work. Instructor: Joanna Campbell Slan     

Saturday March 31, 10 am - noon
Once Upon a Children’s Book:  The Magic of Writing For Kids: Explore new story ideas, titles, and characters for the children’s market. Instructor:  Gloria Rothstein     

For more detailed info:

Workshops are held Saturdays and Sundays at Murder on the Beach Bookstore, 273 NE 2nd Avenue, Delray Beach.  All instructors are multi-published authors. Charge for each workshop is $25 per person. Cash, check or credit cards accepted.

Make Your Reservation Now! 
561-279-7790     or

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