Thursday, December 8, 2011

Pirates and Cartels receives awards from the Military Writer's Association

Congratulations to Lee and Buena Vista Boyland.

In October, the Military Writer’s Association awarded Pirates and Cartels, Lee and Buena Vista's latest novel in the Office of Analysis and Solutions series, a silver medal for fiction. In November, they received a gold medal from the writer’s competition at Branson’s Stars and Flags Veteran’s Reunion.  Pirates and Cartels is a spin off from the Clash of Civilization series

If the following endorsement is any indication, this is why it won...
A terrifying rollercoaster ride through a world pummeled by terrorists, drug cartels, and piracy, Pirates and Cartels is thoughtful, charming and well-researched. The good guys are really good, the bad guys are so very bad…and the read is quick, impactful and fun.  Another winner for Lee and Vista Boyland! ~ Joyce Faulkner, President Military Writers Society of America, author of “In the Shadow of Suribachi,” “Chance … and other horrors,” “Username,” and “Losing Patience”

Lee and Beuna Vista work as a team in the development of this new series of books (Office of Analysis and Solutions). They live in Melbourne, Florida, and belong to the Florida Writers Association and the Space Coast Writers Guild.

They have received previous awards for their novels in the Clash of Civilization Trilogy.  You can purchase any of Boyland's books at You can read more about Pirates and Cartels by clicking here.  It is available in paperback and through Kindle.

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