Monday, December 19, 2011

Incident at the Pink Beach House by Kay Williamson

Kay Williamson, a retired elementary teacher and long time resident of Satellite Beach, Florida, has just completed her seventh mystery/suspense novel, Incident at the Pink Beach House.  You may order her books from Amazon and Barnes & Noble.
Brandon Sterling, a high school teacher in the small town of Lo Verde Beach, Florida, is intrigued by a two-story, pink beach house on a secluded area of the beach.  As the house holds an aura of mystery for him, he usually slows down on his daily, late afternoon jog to take a closer look. But on this particular Friday afternoon, Brandon is shocked when he sees a man shove a screaming woman from the cupola of the beach house.
Brandon and his girlfriend, Amberly, find themselves deeply enmeshed in an intriguing mystery that involves a kidnapping, complicated evil vs. good twin theories, complex characters, and an attempt on Brandon’s life.  This amateur duo help police authorities and FBI agents solve the puzzling and entertaining pink beach house mystery.

“Incident at the Pink Beach House will capture your imagination from the start.  Characters are crisp and entertaining while the reader is swept with intrigue and curiosity.  This is one of those fast reads from which you will wonder where the time went.”
                                                         ──Marshall Frank

Marshall Frank is a retired homicide detective and police captain from the Miami-Dade Police Department, in Miami, Florida where he served in many capacities including head of CSI.  He has authored ten books, including five suspense novels.

Kay is published in various literary anthologies and magazines.  Her romantic suspense and murder mystery novels include: Ghostly Whispers, Bridge to Nowhere, Listen to the Heart, Time after Time, Murder at the Starlight Pavilion, and The Mysterious Woman on the Train.

Both musicians and watercolor artists, Kay, and husband, Don, entertain at nursing homes in the area and the VA hospital in MI where they spend their summers.  They enter the Splash watercolor show in Eau Gallie every February.  Don has illustrated the cover of Kay’s last two novels: The Mysterious Woman on the Train, and Incident at the Pink Beach House.

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