Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Do Not Diary by ima J. Pastula

The complete name of ima J. Pastula's book is Do Not Diary, Confessions of a Frustrated Writer Before the Best Seller. Pastula describes it as "a journey taken, on the way; the Nitty Gritty of attempting such a fete as a Best Seller true experiences." Amazon describes it as "One step at a time your guide to success." It is available on Kindle by clicking here.

About the Author

Pastula is an author, artist and teacher. She is a retired adjunct faculty from a local college in Maryland. She taught passionate writing, personal dynamics, and studies in the old master's techniques in oil paint. She creates her own book covers. And, she has written two lyric/poems that became published songs.

Her current focus is on her books.  Her books that are on Kindle and in soft cover are:
The Dunes of Velmere (can be purchased from Publish America)
Tattletales, A European Trilogy
Nautical Twilight (can be purchased from Author House)
The Irony of Tyranny (can be purchased from 3M Publishing)

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