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Florida Pirates by James and Sarah Kaserman

The History Press is pleased to introduce the new title:

Florida Pirates
From the Southern Gulf Coast to the Keys & Beyond
James & Sarah Kaserman

The waters, inlets and coves surrounding Florida’s coasts have been the refuge of infamous pirates for centuries. From pillaging Spanish galleons carrying gold to Civil War blockade runners disrupting supply lines, the pirates of Florida were once feared and respected. Navigating tempestuous waters from Fort Myers down to Sanibel and Captiva Islands, south to Naples and east to the coveted Keys, these pirates and privateers embodied freedom and adventure. They secured their places in history while fighting the likes of presidents, armadas and international powers. Authors James and Sarah Kaserman recount the swashbuckling tales of Black Caesar, Anne Bonny, “Calico Jack” Rackham and even the legend of Gasparilla. Brimming with local facts and myths, Florida Pirates offers the definitive guide to the scoundrels who plundered the Sunshine State’s warm coasts throughout history and to the present day.

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James F. Kaserman first learned of pirates in 1956 and became interested in the truth about pirates when doing research studies of government and business organizations. He concluded that pirate organizations had many similarities to the businesses of today and even served as models for our modern-day democracy. Jim believes that, like all illegal enterprises that have survived thousands of years, piracy is an ongoing institution and will exist so long as there is potential for greater economic reward to those who participate. He earned a bachelor’s degree Kent State University and a master’s degree from the University of Dayton. Jim was honorably discharged with the rank of staff sergeant from the United States Army. He was a teacher, coach and administrator for thirty-six years and spent ten successful years as an elected official. Jim is a former professional race car driver and still drives stock cars with the Daytona Antique Auto Racing Association.

Sarah Jane (Chenot) Kaserman was an educator for more than thirty-five years and recently retired as a teacher of gifted students in the Lee County School District in Florida. Following graduation from North Canton Hoover
High School in North Canton, Ohio, she earned a bachelor’s degree in elementary education and a master’s degree in deaf education from Kent State University. A violinist and fiddle player, Sarah Jane likes to travel the country and play old-time, folk and bluegrass music. Sarah Jane and her grandfather’s fiddle, “Charley,” can be found at all pirate book presentations by the Kasermans. Together, James and Sarah Jane have combined their years in education with the vision of writing multisensory books and have written many elementary Accelerated Reader books. They have written three pirate books, Gasparilla: Pirate Genius, The Legend of Gasparilla: A Tale for All Ages and How the Pirates Saved Christmas. Their book Pirates of Southwest Florida: Fact and Legend is used in their teaching with the Florida Gulf Coast University’s Renaissance Academy. They have been married since 1966 and are happy parents and grandparents. They have lived in Fort Myers, Florida, since moving there from their native Ohio in 1985.

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ISBN: 978-1-60949-419-3   Paperback      128 pages      $16.99    November 2011
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