Saturday, October 1, 2011

Great News from Dan Anderson

Contract With New Publisher

Dan Anderson has recently signed a three-book deal with Tell-Tale Publishers. They will publish his next humorous mystery, The Eye of the Tiger in early 2112. They will also republish my first two mysteries, to be titled Killing Me Softly With Your Love and Black Magic Woman. He will be a featured mystery writer for one of their new imprints.

Possible Movie?

He also received more good news. A Hollywood entertainment company came across his first two novels, Bad Vibrations and Death Cruise, and is interested in turning them into films. He has signed an options agreement permitting motion picture production of these novels. He's hoping the options will be exercised and that his mysteries will find their way to the silver screen.

They may have been influenced by the awards and positive reviews received by Bad Vibrations and Death Cruise, such as the one below from Thomas Sullivan, literary giant and Pulitzer-nominated author, who said:

"If you've ever mourned the decline of classic PI intrigues with their whip-sharp wit and atmospheric galleries of people and places, here is Dan Anderson resurrecting that Golden Age with a superb tour de force from sex to hi-tech mystery. No flinching on this one, but the marriage of the sordid with elegant prose is delightfully effective. Read and enjoy!"
The new mystery and reprints of his prior mysteries will be available in the near future. He will announce the release dates as their publications approach.

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