Sunday, September 11, 2011

Attention All UFO Enthusiasts

Book Binders and Watch Winders is having a book review and signing, by Ed Wooddell. The book is called, At Last, They're Here... a story of how mankind reacts to knowing an alien spaceship is heading towards earth. The talk will include a discussion of U.F.O. investigations by air force intelligence.Link

The event will be held on September 17th at 1pm and it's free... Located at the bookstore Book Binders and Watch Winders at 535 W. Eau Gallie, between Pineapple and Highland in the Eau Galle Arts District of Melbourne, facing the Eau Gallie Square Park. Contact them at or visit their facebook. It is a used bookstore that just recently opened. They have a quaint atmosphere, free wifi, an amazing children's room, and an excellent selection of books.

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