Monday, September 19, 2011

Amelia Island Loal Businesses Partner for High Tide Women's Weekend Lunch

Two local businesses that are historic district neighbors will join to offer a very special event. Marry one of Amelia Island's favorite seafood sources, Atlantic Seafood, with Amelia Island's popular Florida House Inn and you have a winner. The two are partnering for the High Tide Women's Weekend's luncheon Saturday September 24. Focusing on the theme of Great Waters (our oceans, rivers and marshes) the luncheon will offer up the best of local seafood.

Long a favorite of folks seeking the freshest of local seafood, Atlantic Seafood is located on the Amelia River at the base of Ash Street. The shrimp and grouper served will be local and fresh caught. The first shrimp marketed for food consumption were Atlantic white shrimp. Amelia Island was once the center of a thriving shrimp industry. Shrimp boats lined the Amelia River. Now few remain, victims of imported farm raised shrimp. We can help by insisting on local shrimp when we order at a local restaurants or buy shrimp locally.

The Florida House Inn is on the National Register of Historic Places and is considered the oldest continuously run inn or rooming house operated in Florida. It was an essential part of David Yulee's ambitious plans for building Florida's first rail road. The hotel was a hub where important people stayed room for quests. The dining room proved very successful and served such notables as the Carnegies, Morgans and Duponts. Of the Carnegies it was said: they stayed at the Florida House, played at the Palace Saloon and prayed at St. Peter's Episcopal Church. The inn is once again a hub for fine dining thanks to Susannah Sands.

Susannah Sands, the historic inn's talented chef, has created a special menu that will feature Fernandina shrimp and grits and Florida grouper with mango-orange dressing served on chilled greens. Completing the mouth watering lunch - spinach soufflé, biscuits and a cold lemon soufflé for dessert.

Sands already has an enthusiastic following since opening the Florida House dining room opened earlier this year. Originally from Virginia, she owned Susannah's Gourmet Pantry in Avondale for 12 years. For one day only, the inn's signature fried chicken will make way for a seafood options. The Florida House is a family affair. Owned by the Saltmarsh family, the inn will celebrate the marriage of Sand's son Marshall to Emily Saltmarsh in October.

The luncheon is one of several events being offered during the second annual High Tide Women's Weekend. The luncheon will feature the NPCA's executive vice-president Theresa Pierno as the keynote speaker. Pierno shared, "I am thrilled to be part of this year's event and look forward to discussing our efforts to preserve our country's national parks and the threatened Great Waters ecosystems. Our nation's great waters shape our daily lives, drive local economics and enhance our

For ticket information contact Dickie Anderson at 904 556 6455.

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