Friday, August 19, 2011

The Underwear Dare by Lisa and Gina Nardini


The Underwear Dare is a Nerd vs. Bully Novel

The Underwear Dare fills a void for children who are reluctant readers by engaging them with the gross-out humor that kids love. It tells the tale of two fifth graders, nerdy Josh and Eddie, the school bully. They become stepbrothers and concoct a series of dares to decide who gets to move into the newly refurbished attic room. The Underwear Dare takes on universal themes such as bullying, blended families and friendship but in a fast-paced, funny way that is relatable to children.

Florida resident and her sister penned this topical novel. Lisa Nardini, a former children’s librarian, now flight attendant co-wrote the novel with her sister Gina, an elementary school teacher. Lisa and Gina wanted to create a humorous book that children would want to read, especially boys. Lisa lives in Suntree, Florida and her sister, Gina, lives in Julian, North Carolina.

Lisa Nardini--“My sister and I love to tell lies or exaggerated truths to children. Not bad ones, but fun ones that make life a little more magical and mysterious. Needless to say, we believe in the power of stories for bonding, educational value, and just plain fun.”

“Working with children all day is advantageous. It provides an endless supply of child-like dialogue and popular gross-out topics.”--Gina Nardini-Christoffel

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The Underwear Dare
Author: The Nardini Sisters
Author residence: Lisa: Suntree, FL
Gina: Julian, NC
Genre: Middle-grade * Humor * Blended Families
Book one of a series
Publishing Date: February 2011
160 pages *
Trade Paperback 8.99 and E-book .99cents
ISBN: 0615435106
Available via Amazon and Kindle

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