Saturday, August 6, 2011

Journey into Fear by Sieglinde P. Young

Journey into Fear is Sieglinde P. Young's third novel. Her other novels are Inge's War and The Rebellion of Nilofleur.

Her books are available on Amazon. com and Kindle.

Journey into Fear - Rejection is the obsessed person's worst nightmare.

A man is consumed with love for a ballerina.

A family ripped asunder because of that love.

A new beginning for the ballerina.

The man, still consumed with love and jealousy, resorts to violence.

From Alabama to Malaysia, to Thailand and the islands of the Andaman Sea, the man's unrequited desires bring terror to the object of his affection. Only his death can set her free.

About the Author

Sieglinde P. Young was born in Hannover, Germany. After World War II she and her family emigrated to Canada and later to Miami, Florida. After raising three daughters, wanderlust struck. Over the next twenty years she and her husband lived and worked in West Africa, Southeast Asia and Egypt.

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