Monday, August 29, 2011

Book Release by Local Artists

Crossing into Safety by Cindy Michaud

excerpt: from The Stones Speak by Fay Picardi:

they give evidence to their travels;
they tell the story of their age
when they were moving the earth
and changing all that was in it
including themselves.

Artists from Brevard County, Florida, Cindy Michaud, Fay Picardi and Kathy Garvey will open their latest collaboration on September 2 in Linville, North Carolina. The Stones Speak, a hanging exhibit as well as the title of their book, will debut at the Galleries of the Avery County Arts Council on Ruffin Street. The show will hang for a month and features the artwork of Michaud and the poetry of Picardi which resulted from a collaborative effort to explore intimately their mutual fascination with stone. Garvey designed and edited the full-color, 62 page book which is published by Burnt Umber Press. Until the book is available locally it may be ordered from It retails for $12.00.

Michaud's work is all done on cradled board and is expressed in a unique combination of acrylic and graphite, a departure from her usual work in pastel. Picardi's poetry is new and all written expressly for the project. She will be reading selections at the opening event. Showings of the unusual exhibit in Florida are being considered and will be announced when finalized.

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